1. Mkiv Gti Pedals

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the site and this is my very first post so i will apologies if this is a question that has been asked before.I have noticed that a lot of you have MKIV pedals fitted so my questions are as follows. 1.Are they hard to fit much did you pay...
  2. GTI 30 vs Leon Cupra

    Does anybody know what this guys opinion of the wo cars is? German speakers anyone?
  3. Ma LéOn StYlE gTi...

    Voila la présentation ma LEON... Alors c'est une leon top sport jaune ovni de mai 2004 qui avait 60 00km, avec cuir alcantara électrique, esp, regul de vitesse... On commence les modifs: - Changement d'ampoules. - Cerclage compteur. - Jantes 18 " style gti poli. - peinture etrier rouge...
  4. ScotlandToIbiza

    GTi splitter fitting help

    does the splitter just replace the part shown in the pic? cheers :p
  5. Strippin out the Gti

    Hey, Got bored so was thinking of stipping out the back of my 2.0 8v this weekend. Anything i need to be careful of when taking the stuff out? Cheers
  6. bryan-1990

    Cordoba 2.0 16v GTi

    hey, i have been offered the above engine, i own a 1999 1.4S, and was wondering if anybody has done this or if the transplant is actually possible! thanks in advance!
  7. chris285

    gti 2.0 16v engine

    in terms of reliability what is then engine like? basically i was gonig for a mk4 diesel ibiza, but due to sorting out impending mortgage i can't afford the price of the car looking for something with more power than my 1.4 and the gti seems like the best option for the future, as fuel is...
  8. couple of pictures of my GTi

    had a bit done to it since my last post, so scrapped it and made a new goes Lowered 80mm all round on coilovers Porsche Design 90 wheels with stretched tyres LCR front splitter De-wipered rear Private plate with pressed metal plates and German plate surround De-badged front...
  9. james_tiger_woo

    MK1 GTi or Leon Mods

    I've a dilema I've got some cash to burn and I've seen a nice Golf MK1 gti (Original - rebuilt, not messed about with (no silly alloys, exhaust, etc)). Now, do I buy the GTi or mod the Leon?
  10. Cupra gti sport Headlight units

    Hello All,As a newbee to all this and not having a ibiza cupra 8v for very long so know nothing about it yet i was wondering if anyone could tell me about a headlight problem i have noticed,it has the seperate main beam and high beam in one unit,but you all prob. know that already,that the metal...
  11. Dave_R

    Photo Request..... DTM Mirrors on standard Mk2 GTi

    Hey, know this is not gonna be the best idea I have had but do like the looks of them on the Ibiza, specially as the lacquer is pealing off my mirrors [:@] Anyone got any pics of the Ibiza with DTM Mirrors on? Thinking of getting them and have them sprayed in gloss black.
  12. jam666999

    VW POLO GTI 9N3 1.8 Turbo sports cat

    Can any of you gurus help, just wondered if this will fit my ibiza, Iv been offered it, but didnt want to just buy it hoping it will fit by bodging it. Cheers Jamie
  13. GTi 16v Cat question

    Would a Cat from a 'Mk3 Golf GTi 16v' fit a 'Mk2 Ibiza GTi 16v' ? Ta :)
  14. v-g

    MkV Golf GTI Steering Wheel?

    Have anybody done any thinking about swapping out the MK1 Leon steering wheel for the one from the mkV Golf GTI?
  15. chappersno1

    2.0 8v gti downpipe-decat problem(blowing)

    ive been recently stripping the exhaust off my car due to a blowing sound from the front which i baleaved was from the join of the down pipe to cat but got the mid section off today ant the down pipe off the manifold. cant get the down pipe out from the bottom of the car due to the flanges...
  16. ibiza_95

    My Ibiza GTi at an Awesome Rolling Road Day

    With a local VAG forum we went to a rolling road day at Awesome GTi in Manchester. Enjoy It was a great day out and got some nice videos and photos These are the vids of my car on the rollers Run 001 - Run 002 -...
  17. just bought a 97 ibiza gti 16v

    alright everyone would like to know if any one has any bits for a cupra sport ibiza 16v?? as i could be intrested.
  18. Pics Of My Mk2 Ibiza Gti

    i have now worked out how to put pics on so here are some pics of my much loved mk2 ibiza gti, all comments and thoughts welcome!!!!
  19. My Mk2 Ibiza GTI Cupra Sport 8v

    Well it has been a very hot day so me and my brother gave the cars a good clean, we then went down to the local country park and took a few pictures! This is the first time I have posted pictures of my car on here so please be nice and tell me what you think. Enjoy:
  20. wilz

    Help guys gti skirts

    i have a set of gti skirts the black plastic ones to go on my car, one problem tho i dont know how they fit on, i got the part number for the clips from the stealers to hold them on from a previous post. does any one have any photos of how you fitted yours, some guidance please??
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