1. woody1986

    washer jets issue on 1.8 16v gti

    i Recently had the clutch cable changed on the car and it seems that since the work was done my washer motor has packed up. i checked the fuse but this is fine as the wipers still work and they are on the same fuse, i checked the jets were clear and the level of the screen wash. when the switch...
  2. bete noir

    Bete Noir's Ibiza Mk2 GTI 1.8T Track Project

    I bought this from ReggieB on here, with a view to making it into a track toy. It had just over 100k on the clock, and looked like this: I very nearly bought one of these when they were new, but my children were young at the time, so we decided a Toledo Sport would be more practical, but...
  3. Golf GTI alloys on a Leon

    Hi there, iv ordered a set of replicas for my Toledo but im curious if anyone has fitted any to a Leon or Toledo before on here? just wondering if there are any pictures of anyone got them on? ( I know OEM ones wont fit but im assured the replicas will :) )
  4. Ibiza 2.0 GTi 16v down on power - help please

    Hi Everyone, I have a frustrating problem with my 1998 GTi 16v which is definitely down on power and I'm after suggestions to help me diagnose the problem. It has the ABF engine which should be good for the best part of 150bhp even with 90k on the clock and it's definitely not as quick as...
  5. seat ibiza cupra gti 2.0

    hi could anyone tell me where i can buy rear heat/dust shields for the rear brakes on a seat ibiza cupra 2.0 gti as i am half way through converting my rear brakes on my mk4 polo and the heat/dust shields that came with the ibiza disc setup are shot thanks
  6. ibiza_95

    New project car: MK1 Golf GTi 1983

    this is Illy my newest purchase into the household: at some point in the not so distant future she should be a 2l 16v on bike carbs, sporting a freshly refurbed engine bay :) thoughts?
  7. Bit of help - mk2 16v GTI

    Hi guys. Just looking for a bit of help really. How much should i be looking to pay for a new cambelt supplied and fitted? How much for clutch supplied and fitted? And what stud pattern do the wheels have?? is it 4x100?? Im having awful trouble recently getting my car into 1st gear and...
  8. New mk2 gti 16v owner - Help please.

    Hi all. I'm new around here, just got myself a mk2 gti 16v. Got a few little issues to sort out so any pointers on the following would be most helpful, however my main request at the present time is to get some part numbers if possible. My car has following issues: -Only have 1 key, do not...
  9. j.cavo

    fastest 2.0 8v gti

    whats the fastest 2.0 8v gti you've heard about or own what are the figures bhp torque topspeed 0-60/62 :think:
  10. mk2 8v cupra gti cupra sport

    ow do all right ive had my ibiza a good wlile 4 years to be exact its been layed up the last 12 months due to have use of other cars im now bringing it out of retierment lol its allways smead slow and underpowered for a 2.0 lump any one have any sugestions of how to get any more go out of it...
  11. GTi vs FR handling

    I read on the Top Gear site, amongst other places that the FR's handling isn't quite up to the GTi's. I am in the market for one or the other, after an inconclusive test drive in both. I wondered if anyone else has more experience of both cars. Thanks.
  12. critch4

    GTi 16v badges and front fog lights

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a 98' ibiza gti 16v and the previous owner had taken off the 'GTi16v' badge on the front grill and the 'GTi 2.0 16v' badge off the tailgate. Just wondering if anyone had some knocking around i could buy off them, or if anyone has any idea of where to get some (if...
  13. gti 8v randomly cutting out

    im new to the forum and new to the ibiza, so might be a common problem but cant seem to find any info on it. bought my gti 8v about 2 months back, driven fine since the start but i got the timing belt changed for peace of mind. now when im driven it suddenly cuts out, sometimes completely...
  14. a few pics of the GTi

    took a few pics of the ibiza the day a few down at local garage and a few after i had washed it (it started to rain when i started :( ) only pics from the mobile, all comments welcome
  15. 97 gti 2ltr AGG 8valve Power Steering Pump

    Hi guys, could someone please confirm for me if this power steering pump will fit my 8valve ibiza gti Any help would be great, Thanks H
  16. Mk2 2.0 8v GTi cutting out...

    hi all, my car runs very well, however once hot it start fekkin about..... it will just die! wether iam driving along or sat at a junction!! I have looked at all the usuall suspects but on inspection it has already had the following... Coil, Leads, Cap, Rotor Arm, Temp Sender, Cambelt...
  17. ibiza gti brake problems

    i need new brakes all round,i have a 2.0 8v gti model and am struggling to find any brakes for it,checked online and couldnt get any part numbers,when i rang my local garage all they could quote me on was the 16v model,are they the same?] i need pads and discs,any help would be much...
  18. Should I buy an 8v GTi or 16v Cupra??

    Hey guys, I am thinking about buying a Seat Ibiza MkII but I need to try to decide between a 1996 Gti 8V and a 1998 Cupra Sport 16V. Both in good condition with reasonable km's, it's just that the Cupra is further away from me. Which way should I go and why?? Thanks. :)
  19. suj

    1.8 16v gti with 165bhp? explain?

    ok i was bored on ebay for a mate looking for a copper front grill etc. and there are 2 purple mk2 1.8 16v's (only one has pics though) saying it has 165bhp? HOW? running some stupidly high cams? (am sure its like 130-140bhp right?) (i dunno if i can post the ebay link, so if i can let me...
  20. GTi Cupra Sport 8V Remote Locking

    Hey there. Just a bit of a noob question after having a look around, search 'remote' . Basically I picked up a 99 8V GTi Cupra Sport the other week, and in pretty good condition, but, here's the thing. There is central locking and works with the key in the lock. I have 2 keys and none with a...
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