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Had to scrape the ice off the inside of the windscreen this morning.


Active Member
Oct 27, 2009
How lethal is this defection though! I left my mates and the windows were clear didnt see a problem drove about a mile and turned on the heater and my windows went white :wtf: my mate literally left a present in my seat as the road was heeving, pulled over to what I believed was the side of the road and stuck my hazards on turns out I was closer to the middle of the road :blink: but seriously this could really cause an accident iv never experienced this in any other car iv owned :rolleyes: very strange but there must be a reason and surely not a design flaw by a German car distributor :confused:


Active Member
Aug 20, 2009
I can't believe that its a design flaw - if it were surely it would be happening to everyone? As I said in earlier post its only ever happened to me once which means there must be a set of circumstances that cause it to happen imo


Active Member
Apr 23, 2005
The only time it has hapenned to me is when I used the button to clear the front windscreen. It clearly doesn't work so I've not used it since and not had a problem since.

Ice on the inside must be a seals problem though that should be sorted under warranty, as I've certainly never suffered from it.


Trainee Northener
May 24, 2003
I've got 2" of snow on the outside at the moment, I hate to think whats on the inside!


Active Member
Dec 1, 2009
I have just purchased a leon tdi mk1 beginning this month and am experiencing this frost on inside its a bloody nightmare and I didn't expect it from a 2001 model car it can't be sealing somewhere properly shoddy seat workmenship :wtf:

has anyone got any other tips I read about venting air to floor which I tried this morning and it did help that little bit its still taking me like 10min before its remotely safe to set off infact the misting inside car is on the verge of dangerous to be honest :confused:

if i knew about this I wouldn't have spent my money on this car :cartman:

anyone some tips?


Mazda 3 MPS
Mar 22, 2009
When i get in the car in the morning, i turn the heat right up, set it to feet only, and have the fan at speed 2 or 3. I set off, and once the inside begins to steam up with my breath (like 5 mins or so of driving) i turn on the windscreen demister, at it clears pretty quick.

Try it.

Oh and dont keep wet stuff in the car, and try not to to carry snow in off your feet.


Yellow is the best
Feb 21, 2006
location , location
if i put my windscreen heater on from cold then yes my windscreen steams up.

never been frozen though

i think its to do with the re circ thing , if you use your washer jets with your heater on the recirc cancels and pushes to your feet.

1 thing i always do is never go home for the night with the blowers blowing hot air i always put it on cold and cool them down, could be placebo effect but my windscreen doesnt get that bad.

Mr Cellotape

AKA Mr Ribbed
May 9, 2006
Warwickshire once.
We actually need to put together a do's and dont list for the windscreen.....

I will start......

1) Put the blowers onto the foot area rather than the windscreen when you have finished with the car in the evenings.

1) Start the car from cold and use the quick clear screen button as it will just mist the screen up.
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