1. SeanyK

    Is this a remapped Cupra TDi? (VAG COM log inside)

    Hey folks, As I see a SCN sticker on the back windscreen of my car, the previous owner must have been on here, but im not sure how I could find them to ask, so thought i'd try logging block 011 on VAG COM last Friday evening, on a 3rd gear run from 1500rpm to redline. Im not sure if i've...
  2. rsmith

    Removing Brembo's, Update, refurb finshed, pic's inside

    Hi all, How hard are the Brembo calipers to remove from the car, i assume i just remove the pads, undo the bolts and brake lines and thats it.I searched around but could not find much and i have visions of brake fluid going everywhere. Anyone have expierence with this? Ta
  3. DaveysFR


    Hi guys, I am looking at buying an 18 inch set of BBS CH deep dish reps for my Mk2 Cupra. The guy I am buying them off says to put 8 inch wide rims on the front and 9 inch wide on the rears. I will be reusing my 225/40/18 tyres from my standard Cupra wheels. But I wreckon 8 inch wide all round...
  4. Craigbarnley

    New Milltek now Smoke inside

    Hi Guys Had me milltek downpipe decat system fitted yesterday but ever since its been fitted when stationary you get a distintive smell of fumes inside the cabin! To me this sounds like a leak but why would i smell it in the cabin? anyone else had this! Also on a new note ever since...
  5. 8bit

    Condensation inside of rear windscreen, usual problem?

    Hi all, Picking up my Leon Cupra R 225 at the weekend. Noticed a bit of condensation on the inside of the rear windscreen, not the front or rear side windows as I gather from on here is a common problem. Dealer said it was just because it had been raining the day I drove it and adjusting...
  6. m.r.davies

    camber, toe, Laser allignment near cardiff - scrubbed inside front tyres!

    Hi Pretty fed up of going through lots of front tyres, just checked them today as the car has been wheelspinning lots with hardly any effort and the inside of the front tyres are down to threads the rest of the tyre has boat loads of tread left on it, so i really need to get them sorted...
  7. Fuel smell inside cabin

    Hey guys, I hope you can help with my problem. I have a 2001 Seat Leon 1.8 T 20V, I recently had a metal breather pipe installed but since then I can smell exhaust fumes whenever the climate control system is on, I've also noticed over the last few months that it is burning a hell of a lot of...
  8. JR750

    how to get inside door?

    How do i get inside my door on a MK4? I noticed yesterday that it randomly will not unlock. I press the unlock button on the key, lights flash and the door makes the unlocking noise but when i pull the handle it wont pull all the way, it's still locked. So I get in the passenger side have a...
  9. Excessive condensation and ice inside windscreen

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me here. Have a MK2 Leon 1.4 TFSI Stylance. Great car, but have what seems like a major problem with condensation build-up on the inside of the windscreen each morning. On colder mornings there is also ice build up on the inside. This only affects the...
  10. fans have to be manually switched on from inside the car

    hi all was wondering if any one recognised this Leon its a 2001 reg KX51 BVU Candy white with black bonnet and chequed roof i am going to do a deal with it and my fiat coupe 20VTurbo on sunday he said the temp guage sits at 90 degrees all the time and this is a common fualt and the...
  11. cupra_poolie

    Getting through to the engine bay from inside

    Basically ive got my gauges to wire in. I cant seem to get into the headlight nuit next to steering wheel and dont fancy damaging it getting it out. I need to wire the lightingup for them plus the vacuum hose etc for the gauge. Can anyone tell me where to get through the firewall in the car...
  12. skullarms

    windscreen icing up, on the inside!

    Morning, bet u thought this question was about stereo's huh?? Lol actually its about my windscreen icing up, on the inside! :( I have re-sealed all of my doors as per a thread on here, took out the whole interior and dried it completely, the floors are still dry and i cant find any leaks above...
  13. MrBen2k7

    Ice on the inside of the windscreen!

    Hi guys... It's pretty damn cold... Had ice on the inside of the windscreen and rear window last few days. Never had this on any of my other cars... is this normal? Or have I got a sealing issue? Cheers, Ben
  14. mifune

    What is the sensor on the inside top of the windscreen?

    on the inside of the windscreen at top left on the new latest style fr what is the purpose of the sensor ? would fitting a exterior sunstrip caus any probs ? cheers
  15. Aimez

    Driver door handle not opening from inside

    Done a search and nothing came up, felt a bit funny yesterday now it does not open at all so have to keep putting the window down to get out and the windows are getting frozen shut! Anyone had this before I start taking the door card apart and getting confused?!
  16. air121005

    technician / mechanic / anybody -- polystyrene block inside a MK.4 ibiza door?

    i've had to replace the window regulator and noticed that when the window dropped inside the door it landed on / hit a large square piece of black polystyrene. during the impact hit has split it and deformed it a little and more it from its original location. i thought i'd moved it back to...
  17. water inside cabin

    gettin wet carpets because water collects at the bottom door seal and leaks in rather than drins away!!! any idea why??
  18. ibiza_95

    Need a diesel gearbox i think queries inside

    right several issues here... my 2l 16v box is slowly dieing i think its getting a bit louder and doesnt seem as smooth as it used to but after seeing 130k miles im sure i can put up with it... tho when it does eventually go i was thinking of replacing with a diesel box... it needs to be a...
  19. Had to scrape the ice off the inside of the windscreen this morning.

    I went outside to clear the car ready for the morning drive today, and after de-iceing the front and rear screens found that there was a fair amount of ice on the inside of the windscreen. I've always tried to forget about the windows being wetter on the inside (due to me fitting after market...
  20. Wet inside windscreen

    Does anyone have the persistant problem like I have on my 01 Toledo 1.9TDI of getting a totally wet windscreen INSIDE every morning ?...........while all the cars parked with mine only get wet on the outside !!!! I've tried blocking the winscreen vent, I've tried making sure that the re circ...
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