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  1. Cal91

    Remove fine chip/scratch from windscreen.

    So I have some very minor chips on my windscreen from a stone. It's 3 very small chips. I have been to AutoGlass and they said it's too fine to repair. So how would I repair this? Would a glass polishing kit work?
  2. Windscreen replacement

    Just had my windscreen replaced by autoglass the guy advised me not to drive my car before 12.40 today an hour after he fitted the windscreen. I havent drove it yet or re-stuck the tax disc to the window. Does anyone know if its safe to stick my tax disc back on th window now nearly 3 hours...
  3. Stiglet

    front windscreen smeary !!!!

    im having big probs with my wipers juddering and the windscreen all smeary. so much so it makes it hard to see at night when its raining!!! any ideas ? my blades are quite new so im guessing its the screen. i try not to use any window cleaning products on the front screen if i can help it. i...
  4. Baldwin

    Windscreen wipers

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get windsreen wipers for a 05 cupra r? Halfrauds want sumit like £65!!!!!!! cheers!
  5. Baldwin


    To my frustration my passanger side windsreen wiper popped off whilst it was raining and the end of the arm has scored a lovley line in the glass! is there anyway of getting rid of this big scratch? or will i have to get a new windscreen? If so how much is that guna cost?:blink:
  6. Cracked windscreen

  7. Windscreen replacement

    Gutted had my 1.4 sc sport for 1 week and a stone has cracked my windscreen with a 12 inch crack. Autoglass are fitting a new windscreen on 23 rd march. does anyone know if autoglass use the original seat glass and will replacig the windscreen cause issues or is it a simple job for a pro ?
  8. SalSheikh

    windscreen trim/petrol cap holder part number help

    guys, dont have access to etka so was hoping you could help. i need the part number of the plastic trim that fits either side of the windscreen as mine appears to have a chunk missing from the passenger side. any ideas of price also? my petrol cap rubber holder snapped off so need to know...
  9. 8bit

    Condensation inside of rear windscreen, usual problem?

    Hi all, Picking up my Leon Cupra R 225 at the weekend. Noticed a bit of condensation on the inside of the rear windscreen, not the front or rear side windows as I gather from on here is a common problem. Dealer said it was just because it had been raining the day I drove it and adjusting...
  10. DEAN0

    Larger Windscreen Wash Bottle

    I have been given the part number of 6Q0 955 453 S as the large 5 ltr bottle to fit in to the Mk4 ibiza. ( Std bottle is about 2.5 ltr ) This is the bottle without a level sensor hole in it. Could anyone confirm that this is the correct larger bottle ? Cheers
  11. Windscreen Washers

    Silly problem this one my windscreen washers fire about 1 inch above the bottom of the screen. I've tried like crazy to raise the jets but they dont seem to move. Anyone know how to raise the jets? Thanks in advance Reb
  12. Nautilus

    Strange windscreen washer problem

    Hello everybody My windscreen washer pump decided to go on a strike last Sunday - it squirted washer fluid on the rear window but not on the windscreen whatsoever. Electrical circuit worked, since the wipers started, but no fluid came out. Pump did not buzz. Since this happened on a very...
  13. Excessive condensation and ice inside windscreen

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me here. Have a MK2 Leon 1.4 TFSI Stylance. Great car, but have what seems like a major problem with condensation build-up on the inside of the windscreen each morning. On colder mornings there is also ice build up on the inside. This only affects the...
  14. Climate control fault (no windscreen blow or heat)

    My Ibiza 2004 has developed a fault. It has been cold recently (often -5 at night). The climate control now will not blow any hot air (the fan works, and the speed changes). The ventilation directors also do not change as expected. I cannot get any air up onto the windscreen, and when...
  15. Cupra Kid

    Windscreen Washer Pump

    Hi Guys The washer pump on the Ibiza is not making any noise now and no water is appearing so i'm assuming its dead. Do any of you guys know if its just a case of screwing off the old one fitting a new one or is it a whole new water bottle too? Any ideas on cost? Cheers
  16. cracked windscreen!!!

    hey this weather has cracked my windscreen anybody know how hard this is to do yourself and where to get a new one from cheap? thanks
  17. skullarms

    windscreen icing up, on the inside!

    Morning, bet u thought this question was about stereo's huh?? Lol actually its about my windscreen icing up, on the inside! :( I have re-sealed all of my doors as per a thread on here, took out the whole interior and dried it completely, the floors are still dry and i cant find any leaks above...
  18. MrBen2k7

    Ice on the inside of the windscreen!

    Hi guys... It's pretty damn cold... Had ice on the inside of the windscreen and rear window last few days. Never had this on any of my other cars... is this normal? Or have I got a sealing issue? Cheers, Ben
  19. mifune

    What is the sensor on the inside top of the windscreen?

    on the inside of the windscreen at top left on the new latest style fr what is the purpose of the sensor ? would fitting a exterior sunstrip caus any probs ? cheers
  20. monkeynuts

    windscreen wipers annoying me

    cummon guy's do all your windscreen wiper blades make a bloody annoying noise when you use them [:@]coz they are driving me :blink:.......................steve
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