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Head (and tail) light problem. Lights come on with ignition key - switch has no effect.

Aug 1, 2020
2011 altea 1.6tdi eco with 90k.
Generally been a good car for past 6 years. Only previous problem was EGR valve failure which was expensive, just before diesel gate. At least diesel gate explained why I got nowhere near the claimed mpg (my previous car, clio dci exceeded combined mpg rating, even after 115k!)

Just had 2 problems, believed to be unrelated.
Firstly, I noticed the other day that the dipped headlights and side lights seem to be permanently on when driving. They come on when the ignition is turned on. Fortunately they go off when ignition is turned off so they don't flatten the battery. I don't have Xenons, so no daylight running mode (and tail lights shouldn't active in Daylight mode). Not critical but worried it might be forewarning of a more serious problem? Has anyone else experienced this?

Second problem was that a day or so later, the clutch pedal went to the floor and didn't disengage drive. Car effectively immobile - fortunately at home. I topped up the fluid with new DOT4 and pumped the pedal by hand, but could hear a hissing noise and pedal never regained usual feel, and fluid leaked onto the ground near the master cylinder. I found a local mobile mechanic who suspected a leak in or around the master cylinder. He was able to source a replacement and fit it within 24 hours, and I thought £250 was reasonable. Great service. However, I'm not impressed with VAG build quality.

Now back to the lights on problem. I've since had an occasional bulb failure warning message, but warning doesn't stay. As all lights work, it sounds more like a wiring or relay issue. Is there a lights relay as I can't find any info on one? Other options could be the main light switch ? Wondered if it could be related to the tow bar I fitted when I got the car, but this has been in place for years without issue. I checked the wiring of this and it all looks fine, and I'm not convinced as this shouldn't activate headlights.

Any guidance appreciated. Thanks
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