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Help! Mate's Leon has an indoor pool


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Aug 26, 2004
One of my good mates has a 2001 Cupra that is very wet on the inside. After it's been raining, he opens the drivers door and water spills in.

The dealer has said this is common on pre-2002 cars. Thet have quoted him £600 to replace the membrane on the four doors:wtf: , but they said it might be the pollen filter, if so that would be an extra charge.

Does this sound normal? If so, is it an easy DIY job?




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Feb 28, 2006
Will be the door seals..

Easy job to fix, just have the door cards off and re-seal the join between the ancilliary carrier and the door its self.. Sorted !!

Takes an afternoon to do all 4..


Will probably be the pollen filter.
I got a funny tail about when this happened to my car. Had real good arguement with dealler who tried to tell me it was because I was using Halfords windscreen wash..lol. It wasnt an approved SEAT product therefore, pipe carrying washer fluid to rear window was bursting with non seat approved product.:wtf: .lol.. Dont ask.:rolleyes: .lol..

Only joking apart, will no doubt be the pollen filter..
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