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Hi guys, I own a 19 plate Leon FR sport 190 DSG. Lovey car! Well.....almost ha ha...


2018 Cupra 290 without the copper bits
Mar 29, 2016
There used a company in Livingstone called Shin Etsu, no idea what they made.
Yeah, I used to work there.

They made silicon wafers/semiconductor stuff. I believe it's still going. Unfortunately it's one of the few Japanese tech companies left in Livingston.

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Jul 19, 2020
I have applied auto glym to the door seals....All fixed sorted!
The sunroof however......ggrrrrr!!! Bought Dow DC4 grease and applied it around the entire glass edge that meets the bodywork and on the seal itself on the actual body. No improvement at all. The noise don't sound like a rubber seal issue, that I would expect creaks or squeaks. This is like small stones chipping against the glass, but goes as soon as you put the sunroof on tilt. Even lubed the gap between the rear fixed glass panel but to no avail.
Got car booked in at a different dealer and guy at Skoda Glos was arrogant and un helpful. Rather sort myself but don't think I can.
I'm still sure its the glide that attached directly under the sunroof. The very font of it, which covers a screw head wobbles around, whereas the drivers side there is no movement, and the rear last 6 inches of this glide, has lot more movement than the drivers side. - Dealer told me, once the roof is down, that part can't make any noise - I'm not convinced.... As that area is where the sound comes from, and goes once it's on tilt.
If this isn't resolved, I will sadly have to get rid of it. Did an online valuation and still going for nearly 16k which would cover the PCP, or I wonder if the dealer would do a swap for one without the sunroof....


martin j.

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Feb 11, 2007
If you’re happy with car otherwise I’d persevere with getting it sorted, any decent Seat approved Bodyshop’s near you? They may have experience with sunroofs of all marques and have an idea to help. I’d also bug Seat customer services, if they know your sharing your opinions here and thinking of leaving Seat it might help you get some action. If you’ve plenty time call a couple of the recommended dealers from here and ask for advice/help?
Jul 19, 2020
Car is booked in tomorrow same garage, and this time I will not let them fob me off. Worryingly, last night same time and same stretch of road, there was no rattle from the roof all 25 miles back home from work.. I left work about 12.30am when it was only 8 degrees. Can the cold make it quieter?? I hate the rattle, but no good to me, if after all this hassle, it decides to behave its self when dealer looks at it. tomoz!
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