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how do you spot other leon drivers?

Lee M

I look for the wiper too, or stickers etc. I have seen Dmmsta a couple of times and Boolandy drives past my house every day to work.

Generally I do lift my fingers off the steering wheel in a subtle, non-suggestive and non committed sort of wave at any slightly sporty Seat!! There are a few SCNers around the here!

Hi Mate,

I think i've see you knocking around the maidstone area :D


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Feb 6, 2007
Don't go thinking that all SCN'ers have fabia wipers. I still don't! :redface:
So if you see a completely standard yellow LCR, it could be me! :D
Aug 24, 2007
If you go through Henley then I have probably passed you at the top of Remenham hill.
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Got followed by a leon a few weeks ago, could'nt see what model it was, but not spotted, guess i should look at that section then a bit more regular :rolleyes:

Still haven't fitted me SCN stickers, i'll get round to one day.. :whistle:

Perhaps there should be a flyer we can leave on prespective nuubies cars if we spot one about, used to do that when i was pug gti member many moons ago...


I'm sure someone will point you to the flyer location.. There is one; Or always used to be one on the site......

Well bu***r me, I've found it :doh: didn't realise there was one, tbh.

Guess i should look about the site more often then eh !!! :redface:

Can't get it to download tho, it's taking forever and a day.


must be something wrong hereabout then, cos it's taking way too long for a 12meg BB connection...


is an alien.
Mar 10, 2004
Nowhere near, i.e. Norway.
Some good stories here. I can imagine you lot driving around and looking for Leons.

Over here it's mostly 1.6 driven by wifes. Nothing to get exited over. :cry:

The few LCs and even fewer LCRs are mostly driven by blokes my age, and we tend to stare and wave.

Some kids have 1.6 with R fronts and that's always funny. You can hear the jap exhaust from miles away. A turbo doesn't sound like that!

Being a big kid meself, I vent my SSQV alongside them or while we wait at the red light. Great fun!


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Feb 27, 2007
i just keep an look out for seats ive seen at the meets and try not crash the works van while looking out seats onthe roads:D


Bit of Jabba magic!
Aug 26, 2006
I look for wipers and aerial, Never seen any Leons that i thought might be from here. There are a few LC and LCR around Norwich but they seem to be stuck up! Oh i did get a wave once which was nice. Also got some parts off of a guy from here, he was in Kings Lynn, Really nice to have a chat about leons and the site.


Aug 26, 2005
I look at the driver, if there looking back and sorta interested then they get a hands up, huge front mount on mine kinda gives it away as im coming towards them, and stubby aerial, zorst and wiper with SCN stickers also help, not been spotted for months thou..damn it...i feel im due one soon!!!!
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