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  1. TheJudge2009

    Drivers seat cable for adjusting the seat fwd and back.

    Hey all, Need some help if you don't mind, Car: Seat Exeo 3R 120 HP 1986CC Year: 2010 As the title says, on the web for the last 2 hours and can not find a motor factor who has it or sells it. I tried to look under the seat to get a oem number or something, but with no luck. Did found a thread...
  2. Oil leak - strange noise from drivers side of engine

    I have Sesat leon Cupra, 2003 and have noticed that when the engine is started from cold there is a slight noise from the drivers side of the engine which stops after about 30 - 40 seconds ! Sounds a little bit like a motor whirring ! Also today the red oil light started flashing, i topped up...
  3. Drivers Side Locking Problems

    Right, My drivers side lock started playing up couple of weeks back. It started by taking 2 - 3 presses of the unlock on the fob to unlock it. It then was sometimes worse and other times better. But now its stopped working all together and i cant lock or unlock it. Other than with the key...
  4. Rattle from drivers side when idle!

    Since buying this car, I have loved and hated it. This has just started without any alterations or anything being done to the car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ3MZIPgZJE the video shows how when idle it has a strange dull rattle, but the moment the revs increase it disappears. The...
  5. Drivers seat loose

    Happy Easter everyone! Been after doing this since day one of owning the car finaly going to do it today if I can :) When I got the car I noticed soon after that the plastic trim under the drivers seat own hanging off and loose, on closer inspection I can see there's a hole for a bolt but...
  6. MrNorma

    Drivers door thinks its open all the time?

    A strange problem developed yesterday after i washed the car (pressure wash rinse). The drivers door seems to think it is open all the time. The interior light stays on although its set to only be on when door is open. The buzzer to remind you the lights are on comes on although the door is...
  7. LCR Drivers Seat Excessive Wear

    As the title says my drivers R/H lower support on the seat (bit against your right thigh) is wearing what i believe to be excessively :cry:.The car is an 06 plate LCR with 31k on the clock. I have emailed seat and received the following response: Sorry for the delay in replying, this is...
  8. Timm

    rear drivers side window

    Hi i've got a rattle coming from the drivers side rear window, as if there something loose. i've looked and can see that its loose where the black trim is (near the door) but on the other side the window isn't loose atall. any ideas how to solve it or take the black trim off as it's...
  9. plastic funnel kinda thing under drivers seat ??

    guys, when i took out the drivers seat, i came across a plastic funnel thing ( best way i can discribe it) with the end (opening ) coming out under the seat, out of interest any idea what it is ???
  10. silver box under drivers seat?

    i was cleaning my fr out today and noticed a silver box under the drivers seat. Any ideas what it is?
  11. Impact drivers

    I came to my car earlier in the week to find some gorilla in a garage somewhere has tightened my wheel nuts with what was either a socket attached to a scaffolding pole, or even an air impact wrench. My best efforts to remove them has met with a bent cross wrench. It does appear that the nuts...
  12. Rear drivers door wont lock help please

    Right guys ive bought a mk1 seat leon 1.9tdi and tonight i went to the petrol station and got home locked the car and the interior light wouldnt go off, i checked the drivers door and it was locked but the passengers door behind the driver was not locked, i tried again and again but still no...
  13. krussel

    Drivers door refused to shut closed today

    Had a problem today which I am hoping was just a frozen lock. I washed the car yesterday but had driven it before night fall. It was a cold morning around -3 deg C when I came out to go to work. I blipped the remote and the door un-locked, I opened it to get my scraper but when I tried to...
  14. Drivers seat colapsing

    Hi Has anyone had trouble with there seat s colapsing (hight wise ) if so is there any easy fix Thanks
  15. markgb

    How to replace drivers door window controls?

    Hi all, I've done a search, but can't find a how to guide to replace the drivers door winodow controls. I managed to snap the passenger window control. So bought a used one off ebay for a tenner. Trouble is, it's not straight forward as I'd hoped. Can anyone give me a few...
  16. How to remove drivers seat? - Ibiza mk4

    I am looking for some help, I need to fix the cables under my seat for the airbag... Can anyone tell be how I get the seat off the rails? and what tools I would need for this?
  17. Drivers Door Sill Leaking

    Hi Guys, I have a 2005 Altea 1.9 Stylance that has develped a leak at the top of the drivers door between the door seal and the roof of the car, and of late i am finding after it rains heavy a nice bit of water is leaking into car. any idea of where its leaking is when i am sitting in the...
  18. drivers airbag

    my drivers side air bag ignitor is showing a fault. any body any ideas how to fix ? if i delete with vagcom it comes back
  19. Viking

    Drivers side wiper not working.

    Anyone had a problem with the drivers side wiper nowt working? Mine just packed up, and rather than dashing off to buy a motor it'd be nice to know that's what it is first. VCDS scan gives fault code as 00154 - Windshield wiper motor - Passenger side (v217) 004 - No signal /...
  20. Ibiza FR Drivers Door Mirror Wont Fold In

    Just wondered if this was supposed to do this, as the passenger one folds in no problem and the drivers wont budge. baz
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