Ibiza 2.0 Cupra Sport GTI - Died "Again" :(


Possible Gearbox issue this time....

Only had the thing running A1 for 2 month after having the crankshaft sensor done :(

Heard a little clunk and the car started to hold back (only a little), parked up and the shop and noticed a trail of oil running down the street after the car. Started up Ok and no issues climbing the gearbox up to 4th, then came an even more noticable "clunk".

Pulled up and looked under the car an oil was dripping from just under the engine block (black oil).... thought Id risk it back to my mothers (1/2 mile from where I was) and the car just lost it.... rolling along at 20mph and unable to select ANY gear :(

Currently dumped on a public carpark with a notice in the window to say it hadnt been abandoned and it will be recovered ASAP.

Now Ive had no slipping gears, no clunking or anything up until today. No slipping of clutch or any warning lights?!?! Could the gearbox just "Die" like that or could there be a slim chance that its something that could keep her out of the knackers yard?!?!

Im gutted... was just getting used to opening her up on open roads and enjoying the nippiness of my GTI but again she's gone and had me :cry:


Shes dead :(

Dif has shot straight through the side of the gearbox.... Mark 4 Golf gearboxes are like rocking horse poo "apparently"


Where's the classified section? Be a shame to take her to the scrap yard... Im sure theres some pre scrap value on her somewhere :shrug:

RIP Izzy :drive1:




Im gonna make some enquiries tomorrow.... just paid out £120 for a crankshaft sensor too :(

Wouldnt mind but not 1 tell tale signs either, just BAM!! 2 months before christmas too :censored:


Any pointers folks....

Ive decided I need to keep her out of the scrapyard but.....

Im struggling :-/

Its a 99 (T Reg) Seat Ibiza Cupra 2.0 GTI (8V) Ive been told Im looking for a Golf Mk4 gearbox, had a ganders on ebay but nothing is jumping out at me. My Bro in Law will fit it (Mechanic) but I want to try and get the idea of how much my loan is going to be from the mother to pay for the gearbox (and clutch) lol

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Its not a MK4 Golf box that was a later engine and gearbox. Its a MK3 Golf GTi 8v box.

I'm pretty sure you can fit MK2 Golf GTI 8v boxes to them too. Plenty around mate, lots of VW cars had them fitted.

Basically if you want 100% the same as the one that you've killed you want one off of any 2.0 8v AGG engined VW from the mid to late 90's
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