IH786's LCR BBT K04 - Full spec list on page 1!! / Colour change - Finished?


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Apr 8, 2004
Summer 2015

So the car was nearly done now yes?

Spotted this under when under the car:


Small oil leak at the turbo :censored::censored::censored: Must have happened when I split it for porting. Didn't think i put it back together correctly.

At this point I could remove the turbo in my sleep so whipped it off and sent it back to BBT.

Turn out it was fine all along.....

The leak was more than likely from an overtightened crush washer. Panic over it was time to put it back on. At the same time I fitted an FSU copper gasket as the standard ones (even when ported like mine) seemed to be blowing on the Pro 4 mani:



Another small mod (to add to my million others) was to change my inlet manifold hose from silicone to alloy.

Why did I do this? I wanted to add a meth port and also increase the size of the hose a little.

Had a few bits of hose and pipe lying around so mocked something up - cut it to shape.

Then had the pipe beaded and the bung welded onto it:


All finished:


And fitted to the car:



Few other finishing touches included fitting some cold air ducting to the brakes and also to the air filter:



The brake duct feed start from the fog lights (long removed) and the air filter from the top grille on the bumper:


I've come up with a better solution for the brake ones which I will show you later...

Since the car was parked up for ages the brake discs were really corroded. Fronts turned out ok after a rub down as they were new before I took the car off the road.

The rears were knackered so swapped them out for a new pair of Pagid discs and pads. Nothing fancy as the rears don't do much and they are cheap from ECP too.

Turns out the passenger rear caliper was a bit sticky and wouldn't wind back. Managed to free it up with a bit of brute force and a long lever:


All done:


Then some new brake fluid, engine and gearbox oil:




MOT'd and taxed and were were back on the road :funk::funk::funk:


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Apr 8, 2004
Summer 2015 - Continued

So back on the road, car was running fine it had to be said. However one thing that was not so great was the paint.

Now as you can see I do everything myself. I had the car resprayed a couple of years back but the time off the road had not been kind to it. Was a rubbish job - the paint had chipped loads everywhere and had reacted in other places too.

There was only one solution in my mind:


So I rubbed it down. But what colour and finish should I go for?

Here it is:






Have to say I love it. Get loads of positive comments and don't regret it one bit :D:D

I went for wrap as unless I paid top dollar I would not get a good paint job. I was sick of a black car too, showing up every little imperfection.

I have to be honest it has peeled in a couple of places since, but it is easy to fix - just a bit of heat and push it down.


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Apr 8, 2004
Winter 2015/16

Well here we are. All up do date (nearly).

So final few jobs since the summer were:

Remove the foglight covers and glue on some plastic pipe and replace the ducting (first one was rubbish and got torn):



Had the rocker cover powdercoated as the spray finish was ruined. Also managed to get hold of a custom inlet manifold.

Nothing too fancy. Since my car has an AGU head and block it is large port.

The standard inlet for LCR's is small port and points to the passenger side. I was running a transition phenolic spacer but wasnt really happy with it.

The custom manifold uses the BAM plenum with AGU runners.

Had it powdercoated the same time as the rocker and changed over the fuel injector buckets:



You may (or may not have) noticed the aluminium coil pack adaptors are gone and replaced by some plastic ones.

Since I now have a coil pack cover it makes no sense having the alloy coil pack covers as you can't see them.

Sold the alloy ones for a decent price. The plastic ones are dirt cheap and do the same job.

I also got hold of some SFS orange coolant hoses. Thought I should as they were going cheap :think:

All back together again:


And then purely for some bling factor I changed the boring S2000 filer for this Ram Air one:


Think it looks really [B)]

And to bring us totally up to date I fitted this a few days ago:




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Apr 8, 2004
So there you have it. Its been a fun couple of years (not!) but the car is finally done.

Some transformation from what it once was. Being used as a daily and also as a bit of a skip.

It is now only driven occasionally.

And as you can see given a bit of attention to its appearance having spent so much time (and money) on mechanical mods.

So what next? Well enjoy it i guess!

Well i did mention that is drives almost perfectly.

The slight niggle is it needs a map tweak.

Since it was mapped (over 3 years ago) from R Tech i have changed the turbo (CR to BBT), the inlet and TB (SEM/75mm to custom OEM mani/OEM TB) and the exhaust mani (V2 to Pro 4).

All these relatively small things have resulted in the car lacking a little in performance. It only boosts to around 18PSI as opposed to 22PSI when it was mapped. The car definately feels like it has more to give.

So next stop is getting it booked in at R Tech and we will see what it is really capable of!

They do have a bit of a waiting list but as you can tell I am a patient man!!!

It was 330bhp before, I am hoping for a little more now.....


Feb 5, 2014
In case you're interested the brake ducts from an audi TT RS can very easily be made to fit.

Car looks really good but I've only seen this page so far. Back to page 1 I go....
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