IH786's LCR BBT K04 - Full spec list on page 1!! / Colour change - Finished?


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Apr 8, 2004
Full spec list as at 11/03/16

Rebuilt bottom end by B5 using IE Rods (non rifle drilled) and new bearings etc
Rebuilt AGU largeport head by Andrew @ ALD with Supertech inconel exhaust values
BDM baffled sump
Custom inlet manifold - BAM plenum with AMK runners
Phenolic inlet manifold spacer
PCV delete with 25mm pipes running at atmosphere
2.0 TFSI coil packs
Coil pack heatshield

Relentless Pro 4 exhaust manifold
BBT K04 Hybrid (K418t - 7+7 compressor & K16 turbine) with 12PSI CR turbo actuator

Full 3" Blueflame exhaust with decat

550cc Genesis Injectors
Walbro fuel pump in engine bay & uprated in-tank fuel pump (same as Deatschwerks DW65V)

Intercooler/WMI/induction kit:
"Wellycooler" with 76mm piping
Badger 5 V2 TIP
Ramair with custom heatshield
AEM WMI Kit – D03 nozzle just after intercooler and D01 nozzle just before TB – Solenoid and on/off switch fitted
Forge MAP sensor tube
Custom throttle body pipe

SFS orange coolant hoses
Direnza aluminium radiator
AFS 13 row oil cooler with aerooquip hoses

Standard for now but rebuilt and finished in graphite grey
Custom cold air feeds from foglights with 63mm ducting

KW V3's
Fully polybushed with Superpro bushes including caster increase wishbone bushes
Silver project adjustable top mounts
034 motorsport solid front subframe bushes
VW R32 front ARB
Neuspeed 25mm rear ARB
Audi S3 front strut brace
Hughes engineering rear strut brace

Quaife LSD
42DD shifter bushes
Homemade short shift
Forge big alloy nob....

Wrapped in Hexis Frozen Matte Grey
Carbon wrapped mirrors (225 version)
Cupra honeycombe front grilles
Big mouth front bumper mod
Team Heko wind deflectors
Projector HIDS with angel eyes and LED bulbs everywhere else

Nomad dual pillar pod with Stack boost and oil temp gauges
Liquid gauge
225 Steering wheel
Recaro 2+2 seats
Headlining from 2005 model with extra sunvisor lights
LED bulbs

I think thats the lot.....


Been a member on this forum for years, started off with an Ibiza TDi Sport, sold that and bought an Audi S3 8P thinking my days of Seat ownership were over forever.

But then i got married, sold the S3 :)cry:) and about 3 years ago got myself a Leon Cupra R!

So 3 years and many miles later I have finally decided to start a readers ride thread...

Here is what it looks like now:


In the last 3 years its fair to say I have really used and abused my car. Its been driven up and down the motorway here and there, its done a shade under 120,000 miles (60,000 in the last 3 since i have had it).

I actually had the car converted to run on LPG. So it didn't hurt my wallet that much clocking up all those miles. But I removed the system a few months ago, as I have decided that I want my car set up for performance not economy.....

Since the start of this year I have started off a little side business and as a result have managed to acquire a large number of spare parts for my LCR :whistle::whistle:

Can't say too much as the moderators might tell me off, again!!

Anyway, i put some of the choice things on my car, like teardrop mirrors and a 225 steering wheel (much better than the 210):


I have met loads of LCR owners over the last 10 months or so, and seen some really tidy cars, many of which are owned by members here.

Its been quite embarrassing for me though, since my car is in such a sorry state! Aside from driving my car far too much, I have also been using for things like taking rubbish to my local dump, transporting car parts, building equipment and lots of other stuff I shouldn't have done!

My boot was a real mess. All the plastics were scratched to death, the carpet ruined, the spare wheel space (where the LPG tank was# was full of oil and dust, not good!

So I decided enough was enough. I want my LCR to go from a piece of :censored: into something really special.

I have a load of big plans for my car, and have done a lot of research and have a good idea of what I want to do with my car.

By the time it is finished, practically every part of the car will be improved or renewed.

Plans are:

1. Rebuild engine

Well I thought I would start off with the most important #and expensive!# part first. I still want to be able to use my car as I need it for work. So I picked up an AGU engine off the bay very cheap:



The AGU is probably the most sensible engine to rebuild out of all the 1.8T's. It has a forged crank and 20mm wrist pins #Like the LCR), and as an added bonus, a largeport head.

So I have been been busy spending money gathering parts for my rebuild.
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Apr 8, 2004
Post continued:

IE rods:


I have also decided to get my largeport head rebuilt. Don't want to spend too much on the head, rebuild is more for piece of mind than anything else. Still I have these on order from IE:


And finally, my fresh K04, picked it up from Bill @ Badger 5 months ago:


Its a standard K04 rebuilt by Turbo Dynamics. Perfect for some hybrid treatment [B)]

Also, I have managed to source something which i'm not sure anyone has done before, certainly not an LCR anyway.

Since I am going largeport, the problem we LCR / TT / S3 owners have is most largeport 1.8T's have the inlet on the driver side, whereas our inlets (and intercooler pipework) face the passenger side.

Luckily I picked up a largeport manifold off one of the few VAG 1.8T's with the inlet on the correct side:


(Its the one on the right, the one on the left is off an LCR)

It came off a 1999 Seat Alhambra, engine code AJH. Also available on the Sharan.

So instead of running a smallport inlet on a largeport head i can use match the correct sized manifold to my head.

Here is a comparison pic of the differences in the port sizes:


And here it is mocked up on my car:


Will need a bit of adjustment to get it to fit right, most of which will be with the fuel rail and injectors.

Continuing with the upgrade theme, I bought a second hand Fidanza SMF and Sachs Race Pressure Plate:



It was off a 225 TT, running a diesel clutch. Think i am going to get the Sachs uprated clutch to complete the package:


The engine will be stripped this weekend, then the fun will begin!

So that's it, for now! Man writing this post is hard work!

There is much much more to follow over the coming weeks and months. I am also planning on rebuilding my Brembos, get some coilovers, and finally a respray. Practically every panel has a dent or scratch so it really needs it!

Oh i am running a few mods at the moment, might as well list those:


Eibach Springs
10mm rear spacers
R32 23mm front ARB
S3 front upper strut brace
Powerflex uprated dog bone mount
28mm Neuspeed ARB - Removed about a year ago as i reversed into a raised kerb and bent a drop link :censored:


Teardrop mirrors
Chrome boot struts
Refurbed alloys a few months ago


Forge 007P
THS Silicone TIP and upper boost pipes
N249 bypass
Toyosport FMIC


Nothing - I cleaned it for the first time in about 6 months last weekend, it was disgusting :ban:

Any questions or comments would be appreciated

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Oct 14, 2010
County Durham
Great stuff mate, in hindsight i wish i just bought a complete AGU - instead i bought the head and a couple of knackered blocks... oh well you live and learn.
keep the thread updated mate and good luck with the rebuild.


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Apr 8, 2004
Great stuff mate, in hindsight i wish i just bought a complete AGU - instead i bought the head and a couple of knackered blocks... oh well you live and learn.
keep the thread updated mate and good luck with the rebuild.

Cheers mate :D

Unfortunately it hasn't all been as simple as I have made it sound.

Upon stripping my AGU donor engine, i found that it had some bent valves and damaged pistons, i am not sure how as the timing belt hasn't snapped :confused::confused:

Not so fussed about the bent valves as it was always my intention to get the head rebuild anyway.

But i had to get some pistons with 20mm wrist pins to replace my damaged ones.

Luckily i snapped up a set on the bay last week, they arrived today. But guess what? They are damaged too [:@]

Needless to say i am not best pleased, looking to get a refund on those and pick up another set now.

Whilst i am here might as well put up my planned spec list:


Fully rebuilt AGU with IE rods, new gaskets, timing belt etc
Reconditioned large port head with Supertech exhaust valves
AJH Alhambra large port inlet manifold
70mm Porsche Boxster throttle body
550cc Genesis Injectors
Oil catch can
Badger 5 induction kit (3" TIP, Jetex & Heatshield)
THS upper boost pipes
FMIC as it is but with metal pipework
And a dash of WMI [B)]


CR Turbos K04 Hybrid
XS Power exhaust manifold


Fidanza lightweight SMF
Sachs Race Pressure Plate & Organic Clutch


3" Blueflame turbo back with decat - Already bought this about 2 months ago, sitting in my garage at the moment


Coilovers - More than likely KW V1 Inox
Superpro dog bone mount, steering rack and rear beam bushes
23mm R32 front ARB
25mm Neuspeed rear ARB
S3 upper strut brace
And possibly looking into some defcon front wishbone bushes


Fully rebuilt Brembos and rear calipers
2 piece front discs - Something like this: http://www.godspeedbrakes.co.uk/~godspeed/product.php?id_product=82
Ferrodo DS 2500's all round


Fully respray in standard colour


Nomad pillar pod with suitable gauges

That's all i can think of right now! No doubt things will change as time goes by (and as long as the mrs doesn't realise how much all this is going to cost :whistle:)
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Apr 8, 2004
Small update.

As well as buying an AGU engine. Also picked up an AMK engine for next to nothing. Timing belt snapped trashing the valves, pistons and the block.


Only bought it as i will need things off it like the sump, VVT tensioner thing and the rocker cover to transfer onto my AGU donor.

Thought i should take it all apart. Heard the piston oil jets/squirters are different so will stick those on my AGU too.

All mounted on my engine stand:


Also got me some nice tools:


Also ordered a SFS 3" TIP and a heatshield. Jetex will be on its way too.

Wife is due to give birth to baby number 2 any day now so that may delay things. But its cool, I'm in no rush.

BUT my LCR ticked over 120,000 miles last week, the timing belt change is due. No point doing it since the engine will be coming out in a few months anyway. So its living on borrowed time maybe.....


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Apr 8, 2004
Time for another update, no real progress has been made in terms of actual work done on my car........

I have a good excuse though, on 24/11/11 we (well the wife actually!) had a baby boy, Ibrahim. Weighing just a shade under 8lbs and doing great :D

So have been on paternity leave for the past few weeks, went back to work yesterday but have taken the rest of the week off as been suffering from a severe case of the man flu :cry:

Anyway, back on topic. I have picked up another assortment of parts which will at some point make their way on my car.

First of all these finally arrived from the USA:


They are Supertech exhaust valves, just the standard ones, not Inconel. Not going to go overboard on the head, just a straight forward recon.

Also picked this up from the Bay, arrived this morning:


In case you don't know what it is, its a smooth valve cover from the N/A 1.8 Mk 4 Golf, engine code AGN.

Gave it a strip down and quick clean and its looking better already!


Thinking of getting it powder coated instead of polishing it, they look great once cleaned up:


Pic stolen off the uk-mkivs forum!

Also picked up a rear strut brace very cheap (£20 delivered) off ed38, will fit easily once i have made some brackets up for it:


And finally, have acquired yet another LCR for breaking, and as always keeping the best bits for myself! Haven't got the car delivered yet but here is a pic that gets me a little excited [B)]


Along with all those goodies my SFS 3" TIP will be here anytime soon, have already got a heatshield for it, and going to order a Jetex cone very soon.

AND finally, got some Weitec fully adjustable coilovers coming my way in the next week or so :whistle:


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Feb 11, 2010
Congrats on the baby!

Some nice bits there, that rocker cover looks great in the bay. Looking forward to reading more...

Mo Arif

V.A.G Planet
May 5, 2010
Let me know how you get on with the XS Power mani, everyone here seem's to have had bad experiences with them

Nice car, seen it in the flesh, has tons of potential.


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Apr 8, 2004
Another update:

More parts added to my collection, my utility room is filled with boxes of parts ready to go on my car!

Here are the latest additions:

SFS 3" TIP & Creations Motorsport N75 & DV Pipes

JR Filter (Same as a Jetex for a fraction of the price)

The car that contains my Recaros has also arrived, has some wear on the drivers bolsters, which i want to get sorted before fitting, no pics of that yet.

Had a small change of plan, not going to do the engine rebuild myself, i'm way to busy with work and family so am arranging for someone else to do it.


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Apr 8, 2004
Time for another update, my XS Power manifold arrived in the post today :D

Some piccys:




Looks like it will be a bit of work fitting it, but engine will be out of car so i'm not too fussed.

Also ordered myself one of these:


And finally got my hands on a SEM Manifold, 70mm Throttle Body, Fluidampr pulley (A must if you are running a SMF like i will) and probably a Walbro in line fuel pump off RobDon's Leon :whistle:

Am getting very excited, have penned March as the time the gets rebuilt, hopefully fitting it all in April, can't wait!!!


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Apr 8, 2004
Another update, before 2011 came to an end i decided to fit my SFS TIP, N75 & DV Pipes to my car, along with my JR filter and heatshield:


You may also spot that i have a R8 oil cap, thought it would add a bit of class to the engine bay :D

Also picked up my WMI kit, went for AEM, picked it up off eBay for £240 delivered:



And last but by no means least i collected this Toyosport intercooler (the warehouse is in Brum so collected it from them directly):


Its: 600 x 300 x 76 from memory. Will probably do with 76mm piping in alloy, know someone who can weld them up for me, keeping use of silicone down to a minimum.

My SEM should be arriving tomorrow too, getting quite excited about seeing it in the flesh [B)]


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Feb 11, 2010
That intercooler looks the business :) Do you know if you'll be able to fit it without modifying the crash bar? Any idea what the internal diameter on the stock SMICs and pipework is?


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Apr 8, 2004
Is the AMK Block truly screwed? As I may be interested..

Only suitable for a rebore i would say. If you need a complete one in perfect condition drop me a PM....

That intercooler looks the business :) Do you know if you'll be able to fit it without modifying the crash bar? Any idea what the internal diameter on the stock SMICs and pipework is?

Having done a few measurements it looks like it will fit behind the crash bar, but i may need to trim off some of the front panel, will get some pics up of that on the weekend.

The ID of the stock twin SMICs is 63mm from memory. So i can either go with 63mm pipework using silicone reducers at the start, or do 76mm pipework and reduce at the end :think:

Went for this FMIC as it was the one that the user Welly on audi-sport.net used and he managed 338bhp from his hybrid K04. Think he went with 76mm pipework so i leaning towards that myself!


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Apr 8, 2004
Got a box in the post today, contained a couple of goodies:



A SEM inlet manifold with larger throttle body and a Walbro in line fuel pump, can't stop looking at my SEM :D:D

I think i have everything i need now. Just need to get some hybrid treatment on my new K04 then will get the engine rebuilt.

In the meantime i am going to fit the WMI and FMIC, so its done before the new engine goes in :D
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