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installation guide for Turbosmart 25mm DV


Active Member
Nov 4, 2009
East Midlands

i know what your thinking, why dont you search for a thread, but trust me ive spent nearly an hour looking and cant find what im after.

i've got a turbosmart dual port 25mm DV, i want to install it myself as the garage cant book me in for another 2 weeks.

the last time i installed one was back in 2004 on a glanza v, it was easy, when i look under the bonnet of my LCR i just dont know where to begin,

is there a guide with photo's available on here, or can someone even tell me where the DV is located,

to be honest i've not even taken the plastic engine cover off yet, but i'm guessing its under there towards the rear right???

any help would be appreciated.i need to get this on before the remap in 2 weeks.


Sep 6, 2008
Whiteley, Hampshire
EASY!!!!! Take off plastic engine cover. You need 2 medium sized jubilee clips and 1 small one. Take off the one use clips from the 3 pipes on the DV CAREFULLY!! and take out the old unit. put the new one in the same way as the old one with the new jubilee clips and tighten them up. put the engine cover back on.

Its easier to take off the oil cap to put the cover on.

Job done!


Active Member
Mar 8, 2009
Hi mate,

If it's anything like the forge 007, or the standard bosch one then it's pretty self explanatory and straightforward as they fit in exactly the same way, so just basically a case of removing the standard one and replacing with the new one.

3 Jubilee clips/hose clamps and it's easily accessible.. below is on an AUQ and not a BAM but fitting is exactly the same.. oh and my 007 is reversed

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