1. Lozzy15

    Dashcams Dashcam wiring guide for MK3 Leon

    Hi guys and gals, I recently fitted a BlackVue dashcam to my pride and joy, figured I'd show you how I did it in case someone needs any help. Depending on what kind of kit you've brought, you can skip some of this guide. I purchased a BlackVue DR900 series which comes with both a front and rear...
  2. jdmsx

    Maxton Design Side Skirt Extension Installation?

    Just got myself a set of Maxton Design Side Skirt Extensions and looking for a bit of advice. The instructions say to use a bit of sealant/glue along with the self tappers that come with it, but the sealant seems like a bit of overkill. Just wondered if anyone has installed them and could give...
  3. Quick Q - Does this wiper installation look ok?

    Very quick on here, just received my fabia wiper conversion pack off a seller on ebay, and installed in a couple of mins, no prob. However, when i look at it, it seems a but funny, like the wiper arm should cover the blade more, you know sit more flush to the windscreen. Most of the pics...
  4. Alpine CDE-113BT Installation help

    I am after a bit of advice if possible please. I got an Alpine CDE-113BT fitted in my 2005 Leon FR the other day and have a few minor problems with it. When turning the unit on and off, the memory and the preset radio stations are not cleared however, the unit does not switch off when I take...
  5. ICE installation help

    First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I thought I would get a better response by posting it here. I am after a bit of advice if possible please. I got an Alpine CDE-113BT fitted in my 2005 Leon FR the other day and have a few minor problems with it. When turning the...
  6. installation guide for Turbosmart 25mm DV

    guys i know what your thinking, why dont you search for a thread, but trust me ive spent nearly an hour looking and cant find what im after. i've got a turbosmart dual port 25mm DV, i want to install it myself as the garage cant book me in for another 2 weeks. the last time i installed...
  7. SeatDanny

    Guide: Armrest Installation

    [/IMG] Tools: - 1 Drill - One pencil - 5 screws (provided with armrest) - 1 star head screw driver How to: - Place armrest in position, it only rests properly in one place so you cant mess it up - It will rest over the Aux-in (green mark) - Next mark at the red with a pencil a...
  8. Installation of Pioneer Avic-F910BT

    Hi I'm installing my new navigation player in my car and was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can find the "Speed detection circuit lead" in my car. I drive a Seat ibiza mk4 2003. Regards -M:D
  9. nuts

    Replacement Seat Cover Installation

    Hi Guys, I've just ordered a passenger seat base cover for my 04 LC. has anyone had experience of fitting these at all? If so any tips on fitting? Cheers, Dave
  10. Turbo gauge installation on a Leon II fr tdi 170ps

    Is there a way to find and read somewhere how can i install a turbo gauge on a TDI fr 170ps engine?I need technical specification and a walkthrough like guide,because from the service they do not know how to.Is there anyone who had done this to his car?I would be very thankful if he send me some...
  11. gauge installation

    ok... ..looking to get a boost gauge fitted to my 02 leon cupra looking at on made by AUTOGAUGE or maybe blue stepper? any other recommendations? do i want bar or psi? how easy are they to fit? simple DIY or best getting it done at a garage? thanks
  12. perks

    Installation advice really needed!

    Hi all. I've done something maybe a little daft. I bought myself a nice white LED conversion for my heater dials as the OE backlight has died. The glossy fleabay ad reads "easy to install". That may well be the case but as I skipped the auto electrics advanced class I'm stumped...
  13. immersion

    HIDS4U Installation H4

    Hey i just recieved my 35w proplus 6000k Hids from everything seems normal except i dont think they will work you get a adapter so the ballast with connect to the existing bulb plug this is inside the light housing how am i suppose to fit this massive converter in there? then run...
  14. glynnd

    vagcom lead and installation

    Got a basic vagcom lead off ebay which is the version 409.1 Downloaded the vagcom program off rosstec but when I plug the lead into the pc and the obd port, the pc is not picking up the car so cant scan. Driver for the lead is loaded on. Anybody help here? Thanks Glynn
  15. Mk1 Leon Head Unit Installation

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I've checked the search facility and can't find the exact details of what I'm asking. Anyway. I'm swapping my Aura headunit in my 53 Leon for an Alpine (probably the CDE9882Ri) and was wondering what I needed. So far I've come up with Facia adaptor...
  16. Skorchio

    Skorchio's LCR - 293 bhp 313 ft/lb - Stock K04 :)

    Its a long time over due but i have actually managed to get round to making a WIP. Been meaning to do it for 6 month so I have already made some changes to the car. Spring it going to bring many more modifications so I thought I would get this up now ready for them!!! 55 plate Seat Leon Cupra R...
  17. MomoMK2

    Help with part no. for Cupra interior installation (m0rk?)

    Hi. i only addressed m0rk in title because with a search i found a year-old thread from someone with the same problem and m0rk helped them out.. just managed to snap up a full cupra interior (half leathers/red tiger stripe pattern to be exact) for my 1.4 and thats the problem... my 1.4...
  18. hid installation

    hi there again tried searching but i couldnr find it, but i may not be very good lol. can anybody please give me the link for the step by step guide on how to install a hid kit. cheers;)
  19. HID Installation Problem - "bad bulb"

    Hello I installed a HID retrofit kit to a new Seat Leon 2.0TFSI and there is a message on the dash indicating that the low beam bulbs are bad, can somebody help me, is there any trick? Thanks a lot!
  20. some ICE installation photo's & questions pls

    does anyone know what this pink connector by the pedals does pls and would anyone remove this inner door panel for dynamatting? thanks !
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