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LCR going soon


I love my LCR!
Aug 26, 2004
Well, I put a deposit on a WRX today.

It was a really tough decision to make as I still love the LCR. What clinched it for me was the test drive, the standard WRX wasn't a s quick but it was really good fun.

Scooby's are really cheap at the moment as dealers can't shift them due to runnings cost (very poor mpg, high servicing prices and insurance) and they have a bad image. None of the previous points worry me as I cover very few miles these days and insurance isn't too bad (I'm 35 now) and the car I bought is quite stealthy for a Subaru as it's in silver with grey wheel and the small spoiler.

I'm going to be rally sad to see the LCR go as it has been really good to me.

This has been by far the most usful, interesting and friendly forum that I have ever visited.

Thanks for all you help and advice over the last couple of years,



It is a sad story.Hopefully you will enjoy the scooby as much as you did the LCR
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