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hello all , just going to add a couple off pictures on here of my lcr and the stages of my build .....

first of all bought my lcr about 2 years ago had to wait 4 months with it sat on drive untill insuranced dropped by 400pound!!!!. as i could pay it out right /.

the car was a 55plate 225 with 19000 pick it up at trade price thanks to my boss .motorlinedirect once i got the car ,took me about 3 month to get us to see my tank full then empty with in 300ish miles .

After about a year of having her, time to change...went to gti internatial and was like a little kid in a sweet shop after speaking to a lad on the show "n" shine he told me to wait for a remap until I felt it wasn't enough power I agreed and thought ill wait, but with in 25minuits I was booking her in for custom code remap and forge splitter.

Then the 1/4 mile ... lined up with a carrado 200bhp and got smoked 0.004 second. Ha then with driving back from the strip my turbo turned off and good old warning lights

on the drive home car keep losing power and no turbo limp mode and car hesitated to lay down power .the next day phone up CC and got her in that day the forge splitter wasn't set up and caused the problem and 2 off my spark plugs had gone the remap was just too much for them . And about an hour CC sorted everything out and ended up with a 007 and green panel filter.

6 months past after buy house and getting on the ladder left car a bit neglected. so I though time for change again, after seeing a civic black with white wheel it was in my head, a week later the lcr off the road and I started sanding my alloy o0o0o what a job that was. Took me 3 weeks to do then to the garage self refurb and sprayed white.

about 1 month ago thought about lowering look one the net and got myself some 35mm drop spring whiched turned out to be 15mm after I had fitted then rang spax up and then said that the code number was wrong and are sending me some 45mm drop spring .so at the moment have some 35mm (15mm lcr) spaxsprings to be sold just waiting for spax to send me new ones out..

Thanks for reading .sorry about spelling and punctuation???????

pictures will come once i have 15 post.....:( .....bbooooo!!!
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Mar 17, 2008
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Car looks in real good condition mate, see you have been busy with the brembo refurb...........just another reminder I need to get to my pinkies lol

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first day off having her were she sat on the drive for months


first mod 007p

nuespeed intake

quick clean

a day with my car clean engine bay and a trip round rown with the cat in the car 'he loves it'


the brembo refurb after looking and some one else refurb on the forum i decided to do it my self so went ex holdings and got some high temputre laquar white sprit and and some paint pads and some fine wet and dry

when i started

clean up

sand down

tape up and laquar leaving 30mins between layer .i did it 3 times


on the other it started rain ...

i started about 8 in the morning and was finshed but about 3 i left the car for a good 4 hours before driving .


yeah had a good month or 2 with out my car doing my wheels. sanding them down is a right mission starting to flake not but no worrie ill have them for the winten then hello new ones not sure what to get tho bbs ch, some old bmw alloys with dish or some bbs lm, cades bern, rs4 reps,
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springs / spax 30mm lowering springs ...?.15mm after I had fitted them.so rang spax up and then they said that the code number was wrong on the web site and are sending me some 45mm drop spring .so at the moment have some 35mm (15mm lcr) spaxsprings to be sold just waiting for spax to send me new ones out..



Porsche 19" spaces and tyres !?cheap?!

Every thing always comes at once!

For about 2 months now I have been saving for a new exhaust .even start a thread to see which one i wanted . But my friend has just offer me genuine porsche 19" streched p zero Russo tyre 1 month old , 30mm rear and 20mm front spaces for the same price I was going to spend on my exhaust . There the alloys I want ,he payed 1300 for the alloys alone but is ask for 1000 for every thing am I stupid to turn this down ? Might even ask the missis to see if she will buy my exhaust being as she just hand a nice some of cash for whiplase payout . :)

What do you think?!?

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I'd get them while you can if that's what you really want. The exhaust will always be available to get anytime.


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Oct 9, 2008
Exeter, Devon
I'd get them while you can if that's what you really want. The exhaust will always be available to get anytime.
+1. What's the chances of a set of these coming up again in the next 6 months. Even if they do it won't be as cheap. Exhaust you can get anytime.

If you don't want them then I will!
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