Leather Seats for Alhambra 2011 MK2

Feb 21, 2021
Hi Guys,

I have an option to buy leather seats and before i do, I'm assuming that regardless of year from MK2 2010/11 onwards to 2020 that i can use leather seats within the alhambra options range ie. black leather, alcantara leather or buffalo leather. I know that there are options with the VW Sharan but i'm trying to stick with the proper Seat options if possible.

Are there any issues with swap over and with my current trim being london grey cloth seats the door cards, dashboard, centre console and alike are all matching so will adding the black leather be more of an eyesore?

Are there tutorials for seat swaps? or stickies within this forum that i've missed. I'm finding it hard to adapt to a new forum that caters for all different vehicles rather than just one that i'm currently used to.

Any help is appreciated :)
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