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Leon FR 2.0 tdi 150 (manual) Performance disappointing


Active Member
Apr 15, 2010
I had a Leon SC 150 FR as a courtesy car from the dealer when I took my MK1 150pd for a service.
It had 15k on the clock so we could say the engine was run in.
I felt no difference in performance which is a good thing.

What put me off is the boot space, the traction control that you can't turn off, and the stupid bonnet holding stick.

I also found the lcd screen with the options that you cant see unless you get your finger close to it quite distracting. Its nice that you can get all the information and the options in the instrument cluster but I found myself constantly checking stuff out I guess its ok when you get used to it.

I will own a mk3 one day but it would be the 184 or a petrol engine.
For now I'll just run my MK1 to the ground 85k on the clock 100k to go :D
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