Local Meets - North West - let’s get them arranged :)


I only wanted a remap
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Jul 7, 2015
I'm not stuck to any area of our fine country as I like driving, Blackpool sounds good... Not sure if winter is going to get in the way of people getting out and about so definitely a place that's not going to kill @Legojon and his city lungs lol
And roads that have tarmac instead of cobblestones would be ace. I've still to panel beat my wheel arch back into shape.

Damo H

Carbon Snob
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Oct 3, 2012
Car Length In Front
As an aside i like @Maypack original Blackpool location.

Near to town for those younger folkes.

Big Carpark for the two new cars showing off

Pub Next Door.

But it is xmas so we need to book sooner rather than later if you want an xmas meet

One last though Damo bought the soft southern lemonades, who pays for the first round of proper norther (can I have Newky Brown Ale please) first round of beer.
As I rarely drink I often get called a lightweight.

I was the last man standing on my Stag Doo!

Just can’t be arsed with alcohol, I’d rather drive and not be hung over. Did enough drinking for 3 lifetimes as a student. God I feel old now haha


Blue... Oh go on then
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Nov 24, 2012
Maybe start a new thread in the NW section as new people won't want to go through 43 pages of us dribbling lol
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Check out Facebook you are old, and I am older but we drive cool cars
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