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The Mib2 High / Seat Plus ones have been released for Europe, release "187", June 2020, replaces 184.

Direct download link:

VW Servers

Skoda Servers (same file, VW servers are generally faster)

For Plus / High users with Mapcare (no Seat UK cars) or for those running retrofit software only.

No good for standard users - you got to wait as per normal a few more weeks.

It's a common release across Seat, Skoda, Audi and VW.... & probably Bentleys for people with the high end Mib2 units which runs Here Maps cartography.

Note all that we say about the use of Macs on these downloads.

(those UK Seat Ateca Cupra owners with the Plus unit have got to get your firmware changed to retrofit unless the interim short term Mapcare can handle it... cue agonising questions :))

I'll add the standard ones when they come out.

Also for MAC users the recommended VAG software to clear the rubbish from a MAC unzip of the download map file is the free utility CleanMyDrive 2 whilst for a PC 7zip. From the October 2019 VAG pdf notes:


If the map update is performed using the Apple® OS X operating system you may find that
Discover Media does not recognise the map material or displays it incorrectly. This is due to
a lack of compatibility between the “7 zip” program and the OS-X operating system. In
addition, the OS-X operating system has a tendency to create hidden additional files on
external data media. We therefore recommend that OS X users use the “Keka” unzipping
program. We also recommend using the “CleanMyDrive” program to remove any hidden files.

SD card of 32GB formatted to FAT32 should also be used where you can update Mib2 High units. 7zip of PC, drag and drop the contents to the hard disk from the archive, then copy all of the contents to the SD card. Mac OS its Keka for the unzip and CleanMyDrive directed at the SD card. Where there is Mapcare the update button will work.

Retrofits with valid navigation FeC for the period use the SWDL menu of the backend. The four entities NavDB, Eggnog, Truffles and SpeechResVDE should have a "Y" against them. If yes, you are good to go, if not don't else you will need to load up the old maps again that were working on the unit. Navigation will be suspended in 30 seconds, appears to have worked but hasn't since you did an update where the FeC didn't cover it. Pinned post on navigation high unit FeC. Either way during the map update via SWDL back end menu power needs to be kept on to the unit by running the engine or opening the door every 15 minutes during the the 40 minute process. Back end SWDL menu curiosity.

For retrofit units the SWDL menu is obtained by holding the menu till the second menu appears. Important to note if you enable the developers menu via VCDS and try to do the update with an invalid FeC for the map release it will do the 30 second abort to navigation as per the text above. You wont see those four Ys against the entities which means it's not going to work, don't try it - a few of us have been there. The retrofit software actually updates the FeC where the retrofitter claims to offer map updates.

Detailed technical stuff is on this thread:

Those inclined to improve Mib2 High (Plus) cartography can get involved by adding or correcting missing details:


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It's the standard Seat map test:

Please follow these steps to check your SEAT Ateca Navigation System: Press the “NAV” Button > Confirm the “Setup” > “Version information” selection on the display.
Check the first text line in "Version information". If the first three digits are 6P0, your system version is the "Navi System - 6P0". If not, your system is the "Navi System Plus".

Then under that you should see your version number. The screen will look a lot like the one I posted above, yours won't say 6P that's a standard, 5F is a mib1 standard. Mine is 0187 as above.

On the thread "what have you done with your car today" (Leon thread) I did see someone had managed to do the latest upgrade based on that Mapcare that you get for the first year. It's on the build code.

Post 8264:

If you present a 32 GB SD card with the files on it unzipped as I said above the map update option should work. You don't have a danger of losing your maps, only threw the backend engineering menu can you achieve this. I muse later in that thread :).

Basically if you can do it, do it.

On my musing there I link to the FeC table posted here which is the key. @Walone had sent me their screen since it was the first time we had seen this on a Plus being done via the front screen sold in the UK. Reading the navigation FeC you can work out how many more of these you can do with the one year complimentary Mapcare. My contribution to retrofitter not selling you something you thought you bought. It's the actual quarter period to when you can update the maps. Putting together my FeC codes as bought with the car, retrofit ones, Walones and a Russian Audi post I slid the periods to the Seat ones :).

You can drive around and after a period of time it will complete or just wait, but you need to keep the power on during the process. It has the ability to restart from where it got to. The backend menu you have to keep the power on all the time by opening the door every 15 minutes or having the engine running.

As you see here the update can take 2 hours... taken from the manual:

Installing navigation data
The installation process takes about 2 hours.
If the Infotainment system is switched off, the
installation process is paused and will auto-
matically resume when switched back on.
● Switch the ignition on.
● Insert the memory card containing the navi-
gation data ››› page 48.
● Press the Infotainment MENU button and
then select Settings .
● In the System settings menu, press the
System information function button.
● Press Update software to import the stored
navigation data.
● Follow the instructions displayed on the
Once installed, the memory card can be re-
moved. The memory card must be prepared
for removal ››› page 48.
Do not remove the memory card while the
navigation data is being installed. The memo-
ry card may be irreparably damaged!
● The navigation memory card may not be
used as memory storage for other files. The


But as said if on a commute, just do the commute and it will complete eventually. Backend menu is 40 minutes but not for novices :).

I'd check your navigation FeC using that table as well since Ateca Cupra 2018 feels a way back.
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Ian Sturgess

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Dec 8, 2019
After reading everything decided not to even attempt to update sat nav map, will stick to Waze with my TomTom as a back up as it has lifetime map updates and live traffic. Don’t want to break anything ?


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Ian that will be outside of your one year free Mapcare that came with the car since its a Ateca Cupra, UK they are sold only in high form. You can check your navigation FeC without downloading the map to try:

I cracked how it worked not that you can change them yourself. You need a retrofitter or buy a Mapcare upgrade that isn't sold in the UK. If you had downloaded the maps and presented it would not do anything... so you are protected least through the normal method.

Ateca Cupra's with mib2 high have the free one year map update possible. People have been doing that across the brand but what has also come to light is unlimited Mapcare sold in Europe on Cupra's in some countries. FeC is set high. One such is this.. If you track back up. They have unlimited Mapcare on their Cupra

Just it's deemed that Brits can't have it... a trip to a decent retrofitter will fix that. Bizarreness we have.

Whole new ball game with mib3, we don't know the rules yet.
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