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Mirror Unfold on Engine Start

Apr 19, 2020
Is it possible to do it in a copper 2019 Cupra? I have kessy.
I tried different ways but I couldn't. In a 2018 Cupra dsg6 no problem...

I mean:

Go to Module 09 Electronic control unit
Select Adaptitions

Select Spiegelverstellung
Select Funk Spiegelanklappung Modus and set value to "by look command via remote control key"

Select Funk Spiegelanklappen, set value "On"
Select Menusteuerung Funk Spiegel anklappen, set value to "Activated"

If you want them to be displayed when the contact is pressed, instead of when opening the control / door:
In Signalisierung_Spiegelanklappung, set value "Not Activated"
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