mk2 arosa 1.0


Well i've just got home in the snow after getting stuck and hitting the curb sideways but thats another story anyways.

It doesn't tick-over properly when idle and warm. The car shudders every second or so as revs increase from around 600 up to 800 and then back down on there own. With clutch up in neutral there is a sound that is timed with the shudder however there is no sound with the clutch down.

It only happens when its warm or it might just be more noticeable when warm. I think this is because when its cold the automatic choke is on? Its also fine driving, no lost of power or delay in power etc.

any ideas? its going to a friend of mine hopefully who's an old seat mechanic, hopefully he can diagnose it and sort it if its just a dirty valve or a dirty throttle body.

"p.s anyone heard of the brake switch failing? mine did the other day :(" just read about over people replacing brake switches. Never read anything about them before though.
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Nov 12, 2006
Sounds very much like the throttle body playing up. Both the brake pressure switch failing and the throttle bodies getting clogged up are 2 very common faults on the Arosa. A new switch will cost you no more than £15 and is a 2 minute fit.


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Apr 21, 2007
What age and mileage is your Arosa?

Could be throttle body, probably needs cleaning. It shouldnt be ticking over at under 800rpm, usually closer to 1000.

Has it been service recently? Spark plugs, fuel and air filter might make a difference.


Its done 42k miles and had its full 40k service only 5weeks ago. Guna give the throttle body a good clean see what happens. Mines always idled about 600-700 warm since i bought it
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