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Mk4 door door stay

Dec 24, 2019
Evening all.
My brother owns a mk4 toledo, sadly the car is way too modern for my knowledge as I drive a mk3 cortina, so I'm on here hoping to find some advice.
A couple of months ago the door stay became rattly, but he opted for hoping it would go away. Which it sort of has, but so has the door stay.
Today he came round as the door stay had retracted into the door. It pulls back out with a decent amount of effort. He still has the bolt that attaches it to the A pillar my main question is really how do I get to the back of this to put a nut on the back of it. I'm guessing I'm going to need to remove kick panel trim, is this just a case of gently pulling until it releases? Does anyone have any experience of a similar job, I dont know if there is a Haynes manual or workshop manual for the mk4 toledo.

Thankyou in advance.


2 SEAT-er
Jun 26, 2014
Workshop manual can be downloaded from official VW site ERWIN SEAT.

Access costs I believe 7 euro for an hour.

Find and download the documents you want.
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