Oct 17, 2019
Now I've seen the Tiguan R I have to admit I like it a lot. Now i'm hoping its pushing £50k with the Akro exhaust...

After april the PFL Ateca C&S (which I have) went over the £40k list price, due to the tax changes. I think the addition of the bucket seats is a way to justify all the new Ateca's costing £40k+.

I also hope that, and the new tax rules in general mean you see less base-spec cars on cheap lease deals. For a car like the C-A, it's strength is the exclusivity, and I don't want it falling into Golf R syndrome.

*Hopes nobody acknowledges my hypocrisy for having a '15 plate 'pov spec' Golf R before the CA*

I think the Cupra Ateca in any form is pretty exclusive, since i got mine I haven't seen another one (less than a 1000 on the road in the UK according to some sources) and the base spec Cupra is much better equipped than the base spec Golf R.

So I don't think it will fall foul of the Golf R syndrome. I also had a Golf R although not a poverty spec lease and now I see the R being used more and more by the criminal fraternity, oh and also the police who have unmarked ones. I really don't see that happening to the Ateca!
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