New here looking suggestions on lowering springs/coilovers

Sean McNally

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Jan 9, 2020
Hey guys looking a few suggestions/pictures if possible on lowering springs/coilovers ive searched the forum and seen some nice pics of some FR’s and Cupra’s which are spot on but wondering if anyone like myself has a measly 1.6tdi mk3 and could help, im mostly looking to improve the look of the car but the road handling as well as a bonus as the standard suspension is really bouncy/floaty and after getting a 2010 1.6tdi audi a3 s-line as a loaner car for a while as the leon was getting some work done under warranty getting back in the leon felt a bit crap on the road in comparison it feels too loose and boaty the audi felt agile and nippy and would take the corners planted where as the leon nearly sends me through the passenger door it feels like on the same turns at the same speed.

A few things i was looking at was the 40mm AP springs from DPM but worried about too much sagging after a few months as a few mates have had this issue before with other springs.

I was also looking a coilover options from FK, PROSPORT & Stance+ if anyone has any experience with these if they are worth it or am i better off just going for springs as there is only £100 or so difference between those sets of coils and the good quality AP springs.

image above is my car, image below is idealy what sort of stance id like. (Car below has racelands which ive been told are fantastic by the owner but they don’t do a kit for torsion beam axle) :(

Ps sorry if this has been posted but i could not find anywhere on the forum any suggestions for the SE 1.6tdi

Cheers guys:)
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Welcome to the forums :) (message me if you'd like to change your forum name - we don't normally encourage people to use their full names).

Your best bet is to post over in the MK3 Leon forum and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.


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