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Parking confusion...

Nov 21, 2019
Hi.. I have just taken delivery of a new Seat Alhambra and Xcellence and after 3 weeks of frustration I am posting my difficulties here rather than on the Alhambra pages in the hope that owners of other models might be able to help me.

In the manual dated 23 July is 2019 there are descriptions of 3 parking systems. Given that the car is the Xcellence it would be reasonable to expect that it would be fitted with most of the features except those listed as extra options.

The systems listed are Optical Parking System, Park Assist, and Parking Aid plus reverse parking camera assistance.

My car does not seem to fit into any of these categories. I have it is missing the button for the Park Assist but has the one for the Parking Aid. There are no displays for any of the features on the small Info screen and what is displayed on the bigger infotainment screen is different to anything you in the book.

Can anyone throw any light on this muddle.
Thank you.
Nov 26, 2019
I've found the Alhambra to be a mixed bag of what you think it had, and what it actually has.

On the exterior of the car around the front mainly does it have 4 sensors or 6 (with 1 on the side near the wheel arch?) - I think the latter 2 are used with the park assist, park aid mainly just has the 4 on front and 4 on the rear I think.

The system for the aid is activated when you put it in reverse (it should have a camera above the reg plate also) where the camera will activate and come on the infotainment unit and the sensors will kick in, the front sensors will kick in at speeds below 10mph I think.

My car is a 68 plate built around February 2019 and is also in Excellence trim but only has the basic park assist system (front and rear sensors and the camera) - Settings for the camera can be accessed when its activated by touching the screen then you can play with the brightness and other bits and pieces.
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