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hello me again, the handle to make the passenger seat fold forward seem to have stuck on my gf's '03 the cable at the bottom of the seat moves freely but at the top by the latch/ handle its tight so im guessing the cable is probably i think the easiest thign is get a new seat from a breaker.....are they just four bolts to get them out?


sorry guys its the drivers seat, and its a non air bag version too
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Have a good luck at it first. Mine stopped working and the culpret was a 20p coin wedged inbetween the little lever type thing the wire connects to and something else.
Served me right as i saw the 20p drop out my mates pocket the day before as he got out and chose not to tell him.


err i think it only tilts? but the little lever in the side is solidly fixed, but if you pull the latch underneath the seat it will tilt

i cant be bothered stripping the whole seat down, ive heard its a nightmare getting the cover back on them

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On older models the drivers seat on tilts forwards when you lift the side lever up. I think around 56/07 plates have the sliding function.

To remove the seat there are 4 bolts which have star shaped holes in the bottom of the runners. You'll need to move the seat forward and backwards (with the lever at the front of the seat) to see the bolts
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it was a giant novelty sized coat button stuck in the mechanism!

i just need to find a replacement handle for the tilt lever thingy

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