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Please Help!!


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Dec 19, 2014
South Shields, Newcastle
I have a 2007 seat Leon Cupra with a hybrid turbo map from r tech. I am getting misfire on cylinder 3 once I have drove it a mile or so.. and then the car sounds it’s burbling ticking over (other words bad misfire) I have done a compression test , a leak down test Which came back with very strong results, I then replaced the coil pack , and a fresh set of spark plugs and the problem still exists . the injectors have only been used for 1500 miles max since they got fitted/mapped so I am
Very certain it is not them causing the code. My local garage have suggest it could be movement in the gear box and r tech have said it could have crank movement and suggested I take the sump off and check it, has anyone seen or had this before?

cheers Ryan
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