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Programming a new remote part of the key and Seat dealers


Hi all,
I have searched a lot on this forum about what I am going to ask but I am still a bit confused.
I need a new remote part of a key as mine cannot hold the code and works only intermittently. It is not a flip key but the other type. I understand that if you buy a new complete key including the transponder that you will need to get it matched to your immobiliser. From searching on this forum it appears that the dealer does not have to program the new remote part of the key as it is possible to do it yourself.
I have been quoted between £35 - £45 for the actual remote part of the key and a further £30-£60 to program the remote part of the key. The dealers are all adamant that it is not possible to program a new remote part of the key yourself and would have to be done by bringing in the car to the dealer and hooking it up to a computer. This seems to conflict with what people are saying on here. So what I really want to know is is it possible to program a brand new remote part of the key bought from the dealers to work on your car yourself (using the blade from the duff key) or are the dealers right and the car needs to be taken to them. The car is a 1999 V reg Toledo 1.9 Tdi SE.
Thanks for your help.


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Nov 8, 2003
Dubai UAE
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Since i am completely bored sat in Doha waiting for a meeting, i thought i would help you!!!!
I had to reprog a new remote part for my key when i had my Tolly.....did it as per the manual no probs....just dont ask me to remember what it said....it was ages ago and i have not had the car for over 10 months now :-(



hope you get it sorted mate!


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Jul 27, 2007
i also had to replace the remote part of my key ay a cost of £38 for the part. The dealership stated that they had to re programme it and it would cost one hours labour. However i did it myself following the instructions in the owners manual and it took about 30 seconds to do it. This is only possible if you are in possession of the other 'normal' key though as you need 2 keys to do it.


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Feb 28, 2006
A cople of procedures I found when I was looking for how to do this..

I can't remember which worked for me, but one of them did !!


To code the remote you need the old original key in the ignition with it
turned on.
Then lock the door with the new key and the remove key.
Then press unlock and horn will blip, wait 6 second and press unlock again.
The key is now coded to your car !


I put my current remote key in the ignition & turned ignition on
Then locked car with non-remote spare.
Pressed unlock, waited 6 seconds, pressed unlock again.
The horn chirped and hey presto, new 434MHZ flip key working on my motor.


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Nov 11, 2007
I found self-reprogramming quite difficult, because ma CupraR hasn't got any keyholes in the doors, does it mean I have to take it to the stealers to get it reprogrammed?!
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