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  1. Does anyone know what this is??

    Hi folks First time poster and long time lurker here. I was recently fitting a dash cam to my mk3 Leon and had a panel underneath the glovebox unscrewed. A little metal fitting fell out. I couldn't see where it would go back in. I've attached some pictures of it to see if anyone has any idea...
  2. Cupra 280 Ignition Coil Pack item number

    In short, What’s the part number for the 280 2.0TSI coils? Do I change all 4 at once? Story below Right so had my vacuum pump changed today as it was leaking. Unfortunately the car started misfiring after pulling out of a junction with moderate revs. I Called up the mechanic to see if it was...
  3. prezf

    Part fell out when stripping vents!

    Hi, I was stripping my vents and I kinda pulled it to hard and it fell apart ;/ now I found a part I have no idea where should go. Please help me, Ineed to put this together today... That's stipped vent. That's part I don't know where should go Thanks, Prez
  4. What gearknob and part number is this?

    Can anyone tell me the part number and price of the 5 speed version of this Cupra gearknob and whether it comes with the gaiter? I know the part number for the 6 speed (shown in those pics) is 6L0711113APWNB if that's any help. Many thanks.
  5. psycho6285

    Part number Required

    Hi I require the part number for the pipe that goes from the TIP to the Breather Regulator Vavle (PVC Valve, Mushroom looking thing) Any Help would be brillian as mine is very very soft and kinked now i have fitted a TIP Many Thanks
  6. TDi_B5

    Vagcat & VAG part numbers

    According to Vagcat there are 5 different water pumps listed for the Arosa (all engine codes, 1.0 & 1.4). It seems that more than one of them will fit my 1.4 APQ engine too. I have found someone selling a genuine vag waterpump and it specifically mentions my model and engine code. However, when...
  7. lawrieIbizaMk4

    help please with part numbers..fr honeycombe grills and headlights

    hi can anyone give me the part numbers for the ibiza FR/cupra honeycomb grills (the ones either side of the centre grill) also need part numbers for both sets of headlights for a facelift ibiza need these as i'm taking the eyebrows off my cars and theyve pretty much ruined my heads and...
  8. Turf Burner 09

    Cupra R back bumper part numbers?

    Im ordering the cupra r back bumper soon and have a list of the parts and part numbers, Is everything i need here or is there any small fixings etc that i may need? REAR BUMPER 1ML807421BGRU LEFT GUIDE 1M6807393F RIGHT GUIDE 1ML807394F TOWEYE COVER 1ML80792879Y Any help would be...
  9. tissot

    Black Grille for Facelift leon part number and cost found

    I have managed to find a part number and the cost of one and now have it fitted. 1p0853651d9b9 £91.12 inc vat fitting wise, pop out the 2 press-studd type things on the top of the grille, pull grille forwards from the top and it will just come out. then reverse this for fitting.
  10. 75/90 part synth vs 75/90 fully synth gear oil?

    Does it really matter? Cheers
  11. help needed on the black part of cupra bumper

    Sorry if this thread as been posted before, help needed. I am having may fr bumper sprayed next week, like a cupra but don't know if it is gloss as the mirror caps or matt black thankyou.
  12. Part Number Needed Please

    Hi Guys I`ve checked Vagcat and can`t find the piece i need, The lady that had my 1998 8v before me hit a cat and broke the front splitter which i`ve replaced, However there is a black plastic panel that sits behind the splitter and runs the whole width of the front bumper, It lies flat...
  13. Parcel Shelf Mountings Part Numbers needed

    Hi, Have contacted Motorvogue Northampton for some parts for the boot light install for my Seat Ibiza Cupra TDi as I haven't got one and they have come back to me on all of them except for one as I had got the part number wrong. On the guide for how to install the glove box and boot...
  14. n_d_fox

    Part No. & Price for Mud Flaps

    Afternoon all. I'm looking for some mud flaps for the FR and i know there was a link at some point to an accessories page but i cant find it. The last time i popped into the local dealers they didnt have an options catalogue or price list. Thanks guys.
  15. LCR part number

    hi am after the part number for the pipe that goes from charge pipe to diverter valve/dv on a lcr as mine has a split in it thanks
  16. were can i get this part????

    does anyone know a dealer or any were else i can get a double din fascia for a pre facelift mk2 leon fr. I ordered one from seat leicester but they got the wrong one. So they ordered the right one and apologised. That was two weeks ago and each time i ring they say its on its way from...
  17. What is this part on the turbo?

    Can anyone tell me what the part is that I've circled in the attached picture? Is it separate from the turbo? Also what does the oil feed pipe that I take it I'd need to get if replacing a VNT17 turbo look like?
  18. Part number help

    My plastic untertrays have started falling off the car (the 2 that run from front to back). So went out and ripped them off. All 18 nuts that hold them on are gubbed. Seat have been extremely unhelpful :blink: Anyone got a part number or even what these "self tappers" are called?
  19. SA Polo

    Part number needed- front spoiler

    HI guys, can anyone please supply me with the front spoiler part number, as in this pic of crezzys one....
  20. SalSheikh

    windscreen trim/petrol cap holder part number help

    guys, dont have access to etka so was hoping you could help. i need the part number of the plastic trim that fits either side of the windscreen as mine appears to have a chunk missing from the passenger side. any ideas of price also? my petrol cap rubber holder snapped off so need to know...
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