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Seat ibiza 1.2 sport 2007 Louder Exhaust system

Jul 31, 2020
I’m super new to car modding so bare with me. I’ve got a seat ibiza 1.2 2007 reference sport, and i’ve recently really wanted to upgrade the exhaust system so it sounds like it’s got some power behind it (we all know the 1.2’s are basically tuktuks anyway lol) however i’m completely clueless as to where i can find an exhaust which will make it sound a bit nicer. I don’t want it sounding super crazy loud, but louder than stock would be nice...annoyingly the exhaust is hidden behind the bumper on my model and that’s another thing i’m unsure about bypassing, i’m sure you lot are pretty clued up about this sorta stuff and i’d love some advice on where to start/what i should actually be looking for lol (i know exhausts are split into quite a few different sections but i don’t know what parts i need to actually upgrade etc. any help would be greatly appreciated!)
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