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Oct 19, 2020
3feb I got Notification in car that 29days was left until service.
So i booked service same day in 1march as I also have service included.
So from 3feb untill today 16feb the service count in car Says 5days left ??I have not driven that many km since 3feb.Tops 600km.
It is not accurate,is it supposed to be like this or is there something wrong?

Now I am going to be late for service according the car info


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You are allowed some flexibility.

There are two warning that you can get, the distance / time one and the use of the car one. I wouldn't think it's the distance one but may be if you have had the car and done alot of mileage. The latter the car works out itself and may be it's come up with a difference answer.

Without going out to my car you can find that out on the service menu. This twin thing use to irritate people who were on the long service period (two year service) but found the car was up for service before that on the cars measurements of use. The oil change being shorter than the long service duration.

The car also measures the viscosity of the oil as I understand so if you top up with the wrong oil (E.g.. not the long service oil) it will shorten the period. My brother got caught out on that with his BMW.

Probably something like that going on. I'd have a look at the car menu.

Pages from the pre 2020 Ateca manual on the subject.


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