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Space Saving Spare Wheel, Jack and Tool Kit


Active Member
Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
Trolling is not my game, trying to help another member who thought initially that he/she had a tool supplied that did not, as far as he could see, have any use on his car - and explaining what the intended use was, is my game, I'm guessing that you have a Leon, this section is for Ibiza related topics and the poster I was replying to has an Ibiza and some Ibizas and other VW Group cars get supplied with that bent wire tool for exactly the purpose I mentioned and maybe even another use on some others. It started life as a wheel bolt cap remover, but time has moved on.

On the subject of SEAT's explanation/description of some parts, the Hi Vi vest gets called a "bodywarmer" so some parts descriptions are a bit off the mark.
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