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Stop start new toledo battery question


Active Member
Mar 11, 2016
:confused:hi I have a seat toledo 2016, 1.2 style advanced petrol owned since April.
I have noticed since it’s got colder and heaters gone on that the start stop doesn’t work. Realise pressure on battery etc but even on longer journeys, I only do 3 mile commute it’s not working when engines up to temp?
Then in last week car has been struggling to start like battery struggling, it started ok in snow before, surely having lights heater on each morning in a modern car shouldn’t cause battery too drain? Turned off heater radio today on a 3 mile journey and it then started straight away whereas it struggled first thing. I thought it had braking recovery energy too which surely should give extra energy to battery?
Is the battery really that bad on these that it can’t handle lights , radio and heater commute for short journeys?
Anyone else having issues or is it just me, will get it booked in to check but will be annoyed if told new battery on a 2 year old car with 12k miles...:censored:


2 SEAT-er
Jun 26, 2014
There are many criteria which deactivate stop start including the inside and outside temperature, battery state etc.
Setting the climate control to clear the front screen is one that I was not aware of but it will not stop-start with demist selected.
I have had no battery problems with my 3 recent SEATS 1.0, 1.2, or 1.4 - but my commute was 25 miles.

When working properly and conditions are right, stop start cuts in at the first traffic light on my journey - about 300 yards from the house.
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Mar 11, 2016
Thanks mine doesn’t work even when heater on anything other than demist, thanks will get it investigated at seat.


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Aug 9, 2017
I find the stop start does not activate close to journey start, the car being cold or still heating up, my commute is 37 miles - when I get closer to destination (or caught in delays caused by accidents etc) the stop start works as it should. Having said this, there have been times when the car was stationary and the engine has started automatically, eg when turning up the heating!
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