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Sudden Loss of Power


Hi, I need your expert advice.
I picked up yesterday a Seat Leon 06 2.0 16v (140) TDi Sport drove it to the nearest garage as it had literally zero fuel and must of been running on vapour, filled it up drove it home (25miles) and all seemed well (apart from a cup full of water under the middle of the car but apparantly thats to do with the aircon?). However I decided to go and visit my relatives in Kent (I live in Cheshire so quite a way!!) and all semed well until I hit Milton Keynes where I suddenly lost power, the cars speed went from 80 to 50 and took an age to get it back to 70mph where it would not go any faster. I pulled into the services and contacted the dealer who sent me to there nearest repair centre (luckly only 6 miles away). I restarted the car which seemed fine and drove it there without a problem power was back. The mechanic had a look took it for a 30min drive and couldnt find anything wrong. He did say that the suden loss of power could be down to the very low fuel at the time of pick up and I may just have sucked some gunk through the pipes. I proceeded on my journey about 90/100 miles without a hitch.

So after all that rambling do you think that could be the case (gunk in fuel) or should I get it back to the dealer for further inspection.

I do have to drive back yet so if it doesnt happen again should I not worry about it?

Thanks fella's :)
I think if you keep topping up the fuel then you aren't running low meaning that if it happened again you can eliminate the 'car running low' cause.

Hopefully you'll be ok if it was regained, usually if something breaks it breaks good as in you'd constantly have the fault. My car had sudden loss of power permenantly but that was a TFSI engie and it was down to a tear in the diverter valve.


Thanks Knight Rider, hope your right. Mate has the same kind of thing with a TD Focus apparantely it only happened when he filled up with diesel from a local Morrisons (the same garage I filled up at, whoops!)


Yeah, would not go any higher.
Weird though because it hasnt done it since.


The rev limiter kicks in with 'limp mode' and limits to about 3000rpm - usually accompanied by the flashing yellow coil on the speedo.

It could have just been the 'You are near Milton Keynes' warning :D


:D True, I can't blame it for warning me, S*#T HOLE !!!
Didn't see any warning light though, however I drove back yesterday which was 280 grueling miles (pretty much all motorway) and not a problem 80/90 all the way.

Do you reckon because the dealer had it bone dry that it may have sucked up some crap?

Thanks for your help


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Jul 6, 2009
It could have been with the tank going so low. It could have been a bit of crap or air got in the system.
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