1. Syphon

    SEAT teases its all-electric vehicle to be shown at Geneva on the 4th March

    Syphon submitted a new article SEAT teases its all-electric vehicle to be shown at Geneva on the 4th March Continue reading the full article

    I have a 2013 Seat Ibiza FR with 28,000 miles on the clock It has had an intermittent fault of the power steering failing at random times over a few months, until last week it gave up completely and now the light will not go off and there is no power steering at all. I had a vag com on it last...
  3. Power/Gearbox Problem, Help!

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping somebody might be able to help me! I’ve got a problem with my dsg 1.4 Ibiza Cupra (I’ve added a video link to show the issue, it’s hard to explain but I’ll try my best!) The car sets off as normal then all of a sudden gears down regardless of speed and looses power, it...
  4. rabe187

    Silicone TIP ... do i get any Horse Power or is just to avoid collapse of the hose?

    I've done my stage 1 with APR and i've been told to avoid the hose collapsing i should install an aftermarket TIP ... which i plan on doing. The question is do i actually get any HP gains from installing one? Cheers
  5. jezyg

    Autoexpress Driver power Leon 18th

    Autoexpress Driver Power 2010 In this weeks edition has put the Leon at 18th out of 100. A jump of 47 places from last year!! Maybe the FL model has helped? Leon came 4th for performance with Scooby 1st and Jag XF 3rd. Skoda Octavia was 3rd and Golf MkVI 6th Overall so a goodresult for SEAT oh...
  6. AUM power limit?

    What would be the hp limit on my AUM (if I change the rods) running stock pistons 9.5:1 and small port head? 400bhp possible? More? Less? Cheers!
  7. Losing power to steering column controls

    Hi, Looking for some advice before i start pulling things apart, i have a 2006 1.9 tdi leon with which i am intermittently losing power to the steering column controls on (indicators, wipers and horn) is there a known issue with a block connector running to the steering column? I cant seem to...
  8. Loosing power

    I have had my 2006 seat leon tdi for about 2 months now and it has been more times in the garage than I have actually driven it. Got it back about 2 weeks ago and thinking everything was going great now the same problem. I would be travelling along at 70/80 and then all of a sudden the car...
  9. Cupra r 225bhp

    fitted forge split r lost a little power????

    hi there some of you guys may remember me, i use to have black cupra r now i have a new one which is the same but in red. :lol: last night i fitted a forge dump valve split r on it and it has lost acceleration performance, does anyone know the right click setting :confused: thanks in advance;)
  10. idle problems and power loss

    Started the car today and idle was low and engine was shakeing badly when stationary, took it for a run but not much power and not much noise from the turbo. its a leon cupra 04 standard, any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  11. Whirring sound - and lost all power!

    Hi all, I have a bit of a problem & would like to know what is going on. Yesterday I took my 2005 seat leon fr tdi out & a wirling sound started coming from the back / drivers side of the engine. I have lost all power. It have been remapped to a stage 2 & is running aprox 200 bhp with 330...
  12. Power steering noise

    My sister has a 1.6 DSG which she picked up today, I noticed when she turns the wheel it makes a high pitch faint whine? Is this normal like the power steering? Anyone? Thanks in advance Jamie
  13. Power loss at 3k revs

    Hey all I have a mk4 1.2 with 106k miles on it (i know haha) on a 52 plate.. Anyways last night and today there seems to be a problem with power, at 3k revs it feels like a limiter cuts in and all power is lost, although if you change gears under 3k you can still climb up in speed ? the...
  14. Power Problems with the old girl.

    Hi guys. Need some help. Just to put you in the picture I drive my car like Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy, most of the time. I decided to get abit of wind in my sales and go for a Revo Stage 1. All booked in for today but on the rolling road the car only registered 160bhp...
  15. lcr loss of power?

    hey just recentley i think my lcr has lost a bit of power. doesnt seem to pull as hard in 6th gear on the motorway as it used to. noticed it a bit around town also. unfortunatley dont have access to vagcom so cant really check. clutch defo not slipping. any thorts?
  16. Intermittent Loss Of Power

    Every now and then I seem to get a stuttering and slight dips in power. Just wondering if this is when the DPF regen is happening or do I have a bigger problem looming?
  17. 2.0 i GTI using lots of fuel and loss of power ?? help!

    got my car about 2 months ago now and was nippy for 2.0 8v but after 2 weeks it started playing up if i floored it it would hesitate then go so i changed the spark plugs + fuel filter + sprayed injector cleaner into the air flow meter and it made the hesitation go away but i lossed alot of power...
  18. leon tdi fr 07 power upgrade

    I have a leon fr tdi 07 how and where can i upgrade engine power for a reasonable price, as ive got used to the car and find it not as fast as i want, i dont know much about this sort of thing and need advice. thanks:think:
  19. No power!!! Turbo? Coil Pack? Intercooler? Help

    Hi guys. I had my LCR 225 for a week, and yesterday the enginem management light came on and straight away i felt that the car loss power, the turbo was not working no more. Went straight to a garage of a friend that have a vag com. Reset the error that was reading high pressure in to turbo...
  20. phatchoonz1

    FR Tdi intermittant power loss

    Hi, I've been looking at a 150pd (ARL) FR Tdi, it's got a problem with intermittant power loss, which rectifies itself when the engine is turned off and back on. The codes i've got out of it are: 17957 - Boost Pressure Regulation Valve (N75): Open or Short to Ground P1549 - 35-10 - - -...
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