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very quick evo


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Feb 2, 2002
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People give EVO's too much respect and believe all the hype that goes with them.
Personally i've come across most MR/FQ models and they aint that fast.

Never tried an FQ 400 tho' but i know madmile done one badly not so lond ago. .

TOTALLY agree with bill.
They don't corner any faster , just more stable and better traction .


Jul 7, 2005
The Evo IX with the bolts on (ecu remap, 3 inch tbe...) is very fast, it can go high 11 sec in the 1/4 mile with trap speed around 115-116. And i think they are very fast thru the bends as is the m3 csl which i raced yesterday and it has absolutely eaten me alive when we were cornering fast:cry: :)
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