1. Quick Q - Does this wiper installation look ok?

    Very quick on here, just received my fabia wiper conversion pack off a seller on ebay, and installed in a couple of mins, no prob. However, when i look at it, it seems a but funny, like the wiper arm should cover the blade more, you know sit more flush to the windscreen. Most of the pics...
  2. fourtwofive

    quick question

    just fitted my weitec gt coilovers all is great stance and ride the only problem is the steering is out not the tracking it straightlines fine but the steering wheel is at one side when going straight how do i fix this issue?
  3. Fien

    Quick wash using a pressure washer?!

    I've got a pressuer washer, not one of the more powerful versions, but still handy in getting all the grub loose prior to scrubbing it down. My normal routine for a quick wash is: blast down the car with the pressure washer use the 2 bucket method with autoglym shampoo rinse down with the...
  4. emlyn11

    Quick question!!!

    Hi all. Need some front Anti roll bar drop links for a mk3 cupra ASAP Cant find them for sale n the net, ECP dont do them. Any idea's which cars they are the same on? Is it mk3 golf? or Polo? Thanks a lot Emlyn
  5. RachIbiza

    quick headlight question

    hey ho! cant be bothered to search as i need a quick answer for a quick reply to someone :D i bought a headlight off ebay and the seller (seems to be a breakers yard) advertised it for 02-06 ibizas, so mine being an 04 i won the bidding and was awaiting its arrival and now he has emailed me...
  6. Mr OCD

    Temperature - Quick question...

    Gauge is showing 90deg C... VAGCOM reports 72deg C... Faulty CTS yes / no? Pretty sure must be ... :shrug:
  7. luke c

    quick coilover advice needed how to lower ?

    Got the front of the car up in the air at the min and just trying to turn the adjuster cup round its having none of it . its been sprayed with wd been on about half a hour a think its 1 mil lower lol is there anything i can do to make it easier to turn ?
  8. Quick one...

    What is the difference between the Cupra and the K1? What is the K1?! It looks the hottest!
  9. mat_106

    lost boost after metling and braking a n112 !!

    right as you may have read my other threads im still stuck and getting really annoyed with it now. other day i was driving about giving it some and after that i had hardly any boost, looked under the bonnet and the n112 thingy bob had the connection melted of it from were i had done my n249...
  10. mat_106

    Few quick questions :)

    First of hi to everyone, been on here a while but never really posted as i was in the middle of buying a cupra so was just reading up about them. Anyway i got my cupra sunday and i love it :) first question is that it has a decat and stainless exhaust system, dynatwist green airfilter and a...
  11. sambryant

    quick question about offset

    im looking to buy some new alloys for my lcr. what offset do i need to clear the brembos. im sure i read somewere that 50mm is needed but im not sure. can any 1 tell me?
  12. CGD217

    Quick Question

    I know this had been covered sooooo many times before, i've spent the last hour searching and reading threads so please don't flame me. I understand that you can do the 'student' way of connecting your ipod to the standard ALANA headunit by buying a cheap cable which slots into the 'CD Changer'...
  13. Quick question

    Hi all I've just fitted a forge 007 dv and a new pipercross panel filter. Since fitting these I can now hear a whistle all the way through the revs after the turbo comes in. Power seems ok for a standard lc. Just wondered if this is nomal or have I got a boost leak thanks keV.
  14. sambryant

    quick question, TBA and vag com

    i have vagcom but the share ware version from ebay. any way i have just paid ross tech to activate my version (cost £67) does this mean i will then have the full version, only reason i did this is to do a throttle body alignment as my battery faild on me, got a new 1 now :) so have i wasted my...
  15. Guff wheels with a quick paint job

    the old Guff wheels with a wee lick of paint an laquer! What ya think? Also, Took these in asda coatbrisge after falkirk on thursday nite, incase anyone was wondering!
  16. Gunnie

    A quick question

    Would the old style multi spoke alloys of a LC i think there 16in ET42, 7J, 5x100 fit my 03 plate LC..........??
  17. Berg

    forge tip (metal nipple) sorted

    Currently fitting my forge tip and have been for 3 hours now How do you put the metal line onto the metal nipple on the tip?? its impossible because the nipple is in a completely different place to the standard tip (typical of an aftermarket part) any ideas?? Ive also had to fit this...
  18. What's a 2.0 16v like to live with?

    Hi I'm thinking about getting a seat cupra gti 2.0 16v and I'm wondering what is the car like to live with? I've read about the normal problems(pedal box and clutch) the car I'm thinking about has had those already fixed by previous owner. Also is this a good price for the car it's going for...
  19. gemini

    Quick part nr question

    I don't know how familiar you guys are with suspension parts, I need part number for front axle track control arm mounting. (both front and rear) year is 2002 engine code is AZD
  20. gezmeister

    About to fit turbo hose kit - quick question

    Obviously i know where the hoses go for the dump valve, n75 and throttle body to ic, but what about the other 2? Pancake pipe Turbo outlet (think this is the 90 degree bend one?) Any help appreciated
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