water leak


Anyone had one in their ibiza?

I realise by typing this, no1 will now want to ever buy my ibiza lol, but it needs sorted literally ASAP.

I have a window seal burst but would this cause an excess of water to literally 'pool' up in the car, i woke up today to a properly soggy interior and my heart sank *excuse the pun*

I believe i need one doorcard seal but im also looking at the runners that run down the sides of the window (black plastic) that joins onto the scuttle panel they are a bit loose looking, could water be coming in from there?

thanks, David :(:(:(


Jan 2, 2002
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The roof mouldings have stupid white clips that hold them in, these tend to go brittle and break after time, cheap enough to buy and replace but the moulding themself are somewhere round the £50 each mark

Wouldn't think these are causing your prob as the screen "should" be sealed to the A pillars underneath these

Where abouts is it coming in from ??


yeah i've seen the white clips, they seem to be ok.

I ran a hose over the car and the windows steamed up, which if i recall usually refers to a burst seal somewhere.


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Jun 30, 2007
or have you checked the bulkhead where the cables come in??
if your recently done your pedal box, this could be your answer, make sure the rubber gromit is in place correctly


Had this exact problem with my ibiza. The plastic lining wasnt sealed around the speaker cable and was allowing water to run down the door card and into the drivers footwell, it would also make the rear footwell wet if it was parked facing up hill. I left a de-humidifier in the car for 24hrs which dried thing out nicely.


all starting to make sense now.

I'll kill the pikey garage if they never put the gromit back in properly.

Time to get my ar$e in gear and get it sorted once and for all. thanks for the help


it sits on a slight incline on my driveway (this is only because we got the driveway redesigned so my car would get inthe garage with it being so low, so rather than a flat drive then a ramp into the garage, its a gradual ramp the whole way up and nicely into the garage)

Wet - when u put ur hand on the carpets it seeps through, so yeah - wet!
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