Water leaks in tailgate light clusters


I have an '02 Alhambra and have been bothered for a while by water getting inside the tailgate. It was not the rear washer. Last service the garage had a go at fixing - I think they re-seated the light cluster in some new silicone gunk, but the problem persisted - worse if anything. Having taken off the interior trim myself and got my son to spray water outside, I finally traced the source - the 'lens' face of the light cluster was splitting away from the reflector/lamp holder part. Just when I thought I needed to replace the nearside, I discovered the offside cluster was also beginning to leak.

Has anyone had same problem and found a cost effective repair? Alternatively can anyone recommend a good source of parts at good prices?



Has anyone had same problem and found a cost effective repair? Alternatively can anyone recommend a good source of parts at good prices?


coincidentally, I've just performed a cost effective repair myself today :)

Filled the gap (which was almost the whole length of the top join between lens and reflector housing of the nearside cluster) with epoxy glue, left it to dry all clamped up for about 4 hours, re-sealed the black gaskety thing that runs the whole width of the number plate holder/lens assemblies with clear silicone sealant and put the whole lot back on the tailgate...

so far (a couple of hours of rain later) - looks nice and dry inside :)

I'll see how it holds up over the next few months - if not well it's of to Seat with the wallet ready for emptying....

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re: fix for leaking rear tailgate lights

Thanks for details of your fix - I previously tried a fix in situ using some waterproof interior/exterior sealant, but it failed. That could have been because I did not clamp up the joint until cured. Looks like if I am going to rescue the current units I need to have a day available when I can dis-assemble the units from the tailgate, do a fix like yours and then pop it all back together again after the curing cycle.




Remove interior trim from tailgate (from memory, screws are on bottom edge of interior trim and in the 'pull down' handle recess. Bottom edge needs to be pulled/pushed to allow protrusions in trim to clear recesses in door metal - this allows the door trim to be pulled away from the door and then 'unclipped' on the top edge.

That gives you access to the nuts that hold the 3 part lights(2) and number plate(1) moulded assembly on to the door. Remove these and then the assembly can be removed.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

BTW - I ended up replacing my light clusters - did not cost as much as I had feared


Id be tempted to drill a 1mm hole at the bottom ot the lense lol.
Feb 22, 2009
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fixed ours allthough ours is a sharan

you can see if here so much water for so long has discoloured inside the lamp unit

the red shows the location of the 2 screws and the pinky purple shows the clips


Is there room for a set of LEDS in the cluster ?

And is there a power source to draw from? i.e. Fog light wire !!?



Unsure....strip types with 10 to 12 supabrights in..

Maybe even electroluminescent tape or neon wire.

Just playing with ideas as my left side is leaking and when I open the boot it drips out on ya head !!


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Feb 12, 2008
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Interesting to read the problem of water ingress into the near side light cluster. I read the posts about epoxy, silicone etc etc and I thought sod that! I drilled a 2mm hole at the side of the lamp housing and its now perfect. I can post a pic if required..Brilliant two second job!!

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Jan 14, 2009
Nice write up Mark...did you sort the rear wiper issue out while you were in there?
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