1. perelaar

    tailgate struts issue?

    Since a while we've noticed the tailgate on our Cupra Ateca (manual, not electric) opens very slowly and often gets stuck halfway. Car is checked in to the dealer early January, so I'll definitively mention it there. But anyone here with the same issue? Or with a DYI remedy - don't have good...
  2. Boot lock latch fault Fix or Replace?

    Hi All this thread is mainly an "information" post, but I also have a question as well, but hopefully anyone that has this issue in the future can find all the info they need here rather than multiple threads I've searched the forum and found some great information on here. The issue is, when...

    FL Tailgate v Pre FL Tailgate - Swappage?

    Would the Facelift Tailgate fit a Pre FL Cupra? Just thinkin' this would be a good MOD Love the new tailgate with the smaller badge and more aggresive lights! :confused:
  4. Tailgate stuck in unlock position

    I am having problems with my tailgate, its stuck in the unlock position. I've had the car about 5 years and the lock has been fine until Wednesday. I opened it but when I went to close it the lock stayed in the unlock position. I have took the trim off and and a sparky friend has checked all...
  5. swoosh225

    Tailgate Badges LCR

    Hi all just wondering if the tailgate badges on a LCR are just held on with adhesive or actually clip into the panel.Do they leave any holes etc? Was thinking of removing mine?:D Thanks in advence
  6. Nath.

    Tailgate gas springs

    On my Leon the tailgate doesn't seem to fully lift on it's own, I have to assist it to go fully open. If I lift it about half way it just stays there. I keep banging my head on it when it's not fully up. Anyone else have the same problem? I'm thinking of asking for new ones under...
  7. 2004 ALTEA - broken tailgate release ?

    My 2004 ALTEA 1.9 tdi FR has been absolutely brilliant for 40,000 miles but this week the tailgate release button fails to open the tailgate (I have the central locking, properly unlocked). ie. when I operate the SEAT badge button on the tailgate, it does not pop open. Nothing happens...
  8. Chocozai

    Tailgate rear lights.

    How do I get them out to change the reversing light bulb? I got them half-way out, but they're still held on by a screw I can't seem to get to.
  9. Leon 09/10 - Tailgate Spoiler

    I have ordered a new FR TDI which is due early in the new year. I have a tailgate spoiler on my existing FR and want the same on the new car. The rear design has changed re the hatch and I wondered if anyone has either fitted the latest spoiler to suit or has any photos of what it looks like...

    Splutter droplets of oil from exhaust on to tailgate tdi fr150

    as stated above i get splutter droplets of oil from my exhaust onto my tailgate. what do you think is wrong??? :shrug: that car is a 1.9 TDI FR 150.
  11. Rear Wiper Hitting Tailgate Lip on way back down

    As title says really, when i put the rear wiper on, it goes up the back windscreen then on the way down it smacks the lip of the boot lid. Its gotten quite bad to the point where it is chipping the paintwork off. Anyone else have this problem?? If so could be a warrenty issue? the...
  12. Tailgate release

    Hi everyone I need to ask if the rear tailgate release handle on my 09 plate 1.4tsi sport has a problem thar is common to the leon's. When you push the top of the seat badge to release the lock it stays in that position. It does not spring back anymore. I'll be taking it back to Seat for...
  13. Tailgate Wiring

    Hi all bought a new tailgate for my leon as a skip man reversed into me and destroyed mine but iv noticed theres wiring on them for the light heated rear windscreen wiper and central locking im guesing the cables comeup the sides of the tailgate from wherever they go on the inner boot cover...
  14. Ibiza tailgate reflector/panel

    Hi, I have a small problem. At the moment i am trying to remove the cheap plastic tailgate panels (left and right) and i want to install a set of the reflective panel seen on the Cupra models. Having tried to take of the panels, i have noticed that there is a special type of screwhead in...
  15. Smooth tailgate

    I was thinking of removing the rear wiper on my Cupra, removing the Cupra letters and painting the Seat S black as its a black car. Does any one have any pics of a black mk4 with black seat badge? Also if anyone has pics of the handle removed completely that would be great :D
  16. bmb779

    Tailgate Chrome Trim

    Seen a Altea today with a chrome trim along the bottom edge of the tailgate,are they available for the Leon?[B)]
  17. Newbie - Need help re indicator for open doors or tailgate

    Hi, just bought Altea XL Stylance TDi DSG, really pleased with the car. Just have one query and would be grateful if someone could help. When I open any of the doors the warning indicator lamp lights up but when I open the tailgate the lamp does not work. The manual states that the lamp lights...
  18. Rear Brake Lights dont work - but tailgate one does?

    Hi Ive read through the forum for a solution to this but could not find anything. My rear brake lights dont work but the tailgate light does, I've replaced the bulbs but still no joy. Is there a way to permanently illuminate the lights so that I can check the voltage with a multimeter...
  19. tailgate chrome guard

    Does anyone have any pics of the chrome/brushed alu sill guard for the tail gate? I am considering buying one, but am not sure if it will look ok if it is visible when the boot is shut...
  20. Tailgate handle

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the tailgate handle? (seat badge) Thanks for your help :)
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