Wet rear footwell carpet - 5 door


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Feb 1, 2016
Newport S.Wales
On undertaking the annual shovelling of sh!te out of my wifes ibiza this morning, I noticed on lifting the mats, the carpet under the rear passenger footwell was damp*

A brief search on damp carpets in a mk5 ibiza yields little, I can only assume these are typically fairly dry cars.

Does anyone else have any experience of water getting into this location?

Door seal looks ok, and under the back seat is dry. I've not looked underneath anything yet, just checking the obvious.

*I understand that the weather recently has been a little moist in the uk, however I'd expect the insides of a locked car to remain fairly dry.

thanks all..

Mr Pig

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Jun 17, 2015
From experience, water getting in just about anywhere can end up in the rear foot well. How it gets there from the front I don't know but it can. Up shot is you need to look everywhere for the leak.

I'd start by getting someone to hose the car while you crawl around inside with a torch.
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