1. Damage - Interior Air-con/Heated Seat Panel! Cupra 290. How could this happen?

    Hi all, Any idea how the below could have happened. I noticed it after cleaning my car interior but a few hours after. I only use designated interior wipes and micro fibre cloth to clean the area. It looks cracked but doesn't feel that way. Its on both sides. :( Any advice - anyone know if...
  2. Lozzy15

    General maintenance Cupra 280 2014 Main Control Panel Removal

    The purpose of this manual is to show you how you can remove the central console and then remove the switches out of the unit to enable work to be carried out. I will update over time to show how i fitted a stop start memory module (I need to run a 12v power feed to the back so on hold for a...
  3. Lozzy15

    Coding and programming Retrofit Heated Seats - A Complete How-To

    Hi guys & gals, Got a big retrofit for you all today. I've recently fitted front heated seats to my car and I must say they are brilliant! I'm very happy with the results, so I've created this guide to explain exactly how to fit this yourself. The overall difficulty isn't huge, there are...
  4. markmeus

    Lighting How to fit a W8 light in the Mk5 Ibiza

    What is it? The W8 light is an interior dome light that was fitted to the Passat W8 and some other VAG models. The main advantage it offers is backlit buttons, and ambient red LEDs that shine on the centre console, nice for adding a bit of class to the Ibiza. The W8 light contains 4 W5W bulbs...
  5. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33703.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca lit door sill guard
  6. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33702.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca alloy pedals
  7. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33701.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca drive mode selector
  8. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33700.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca CUPRA bucket seats
  9. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33699.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca interior
  10. Wet rear footwell carpet - 5 door

    On undertaking the annual shovelling of sh!te out of my wifes ibiza this morning, I noticed on lifting the mats, the carpet under the rear passenger footwell was damp* A brief search on damp carpets in a mk5 ibiza yields little, I can only assume these are typically fairly dry cars. Does...
  11. OJ9693

    Seat Leon FR Mk3 Interior trim (A Pillars etc)

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums as i have recently purchased a 5dr Leon (1.4 TSI 150) and always join forums of the wheels i'm driving. I'll get to the point.. I was wondering why there are no black A and B interior pillars for sale for my model, or any model more to the point, or am i...
  12. Cagwell

    LEDPerf front centre lights constantly on

    Hi all, I decided to buy some interior Leds from LEDPerf and I've ran into some issues with the front centre ceiling lights that are listed as T10 w5w Leds. The Leds have 5 smaller leds on the T10s and I've found after switching the car off and locking the doors that 2 of the leds are left...
  13. Mk5 Ibiza interior colour

    just picked up my new ibiza and am looking to fit my pioneer headunit I had in my previous car but can’t work out which colour my interior is or where to find the colour. I believe my colour code is CU but I don’t know which colour that is. The fitting kits come in two shades of black, nite and...
  14. Teaaaph

    Best way to clean interior upholstery

    I've just inherited an old Skoda and I'm planning to use it as my daily driver. It's rough around the edges but needs a bit of TLC when it comes to the interior. I've given it a hoover and cleaned some of the plastics but the interior has a really bad mold smell which I'm convinced this is...
  15. Help with interior lights fuse

    Stupidly I was installing some LED Festoon lamps in my interior light and have blown the fuse. Now I have no boot light, mirror vanity lights front and rear map and entry lights. Ive looked at all the fuses (in the box under the dash - big and small blades) and cant seem to find a blown one...
  16. mk2 interior in a mk1?

    Hi guys, Has anyone put a interior from a MK2 Leon into a MK1? I take it that the fronts will be fine but does the rear bench seat fit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  17. vtxracer

    Interior Parts codes ??

    I want some new parts for my FR but i don't know the code for them. The carbon parts the bocanegra has are the ones i want. Here some pics showing exactly what i mean (what is shown by the arrows) and especialy this I need the codes to get my dealer order them. Thanks
  18. New Leather Interior for Mk5 Cupra!

    Hi everyone! Got some leather seats in the Cupra so I thought I'd share some pictures! I think they look great!! :funk:
  19. C13RYP


    Hi guys looking to buy new interior for my fr, just wanted to know if many pople have changed theres if so with what? Also looking to change steering wheel, is this possible and with what? any help would be great. cheers, Paul.
  20. anyone painted interior parts, centre console etc. pics?

    looking for pics of painted interior parts whether it be dash, centre console. handles etc.....not seen many threads with it done so im after some inspiration
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