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  1. Drying out the interior of a Leon

    My Leon has finally succumbed to faulty door seals, and unfortunately I think I’ve caught it about 3 weeks to late judging from the amount of water in the rear passenger footwell :( Last weekend I think I’ve managed to fix the problem, so it hopefully shouldn’t happen again. However, there...
  2. dainott2105

    Leon cupra interior light in ibiza???

    Hi folks i have a leon cupra and my mate has a 57 plate ibiza and he was asking last night if my interior light would fit in his car as he would like the 2 little reading lights. Anyone know if it will fit? Cheers
  3. interior question

    just wondering, can i do a straight swap with golf mk4 seats into my mk4 ibiza without having to change runners etc......is it just a straight swap of seats? thanks
  4. Interior Styling...

    Im happy with the exterior with my Arosa at the minute, but im just wondering how to make the inside look better. Its quite plasticy and plain and grey, i want something to make it look better without spending much... what would you reccommend?
  5. canonman

    Interior light fuse HELP

    Please could some one tell me what the interior light fuse is please i fitting w8 light and the fuse has gone but I forgot to bring my hand book to my friends and I am 100 miles away lol Please asap
  6. cuprajim

    LCR Interior Light - Door Open Problem

    My main interior light will come on when switched permanently 'On' but does not come on when 'Door Open' is selected. Has anyone else had this problem? I presume the cause could be a door switch. Although it doesn't come on if you open any of the doors.
  7. LEE69

    Leon interior quite wet

    Went to view a SEAT LEON CUPRA 1.8 20V but the interior windscreen and the rear was soaking wet, to the extent it had to be dried before i took it for a drive. Anything to look out for regarding this? Thanks
  8. Chris20vT

    LED Interior Bulbs

    Have searched to see if there is anyone who has changed the interior bulbs on their Mk1 Leon, not talking about the W8 unit but if the bulbs themselves have been changed to either LED ones or anything more 'whiter' than the standard yellow looking ones. A search brought up the rear interior...
  9. Interior Light

    Hi, Can someone please tell me the size of the bulb for the interior light for my Ibiza (MK4) because I would like to change it for an LED version. Also, how easy is it to remove the cover and change the bulb? Thanks Terry
  10. interior

    does the new shape golf gti seats fit into a leon 04 plate cupra or does a audi s3 set of seats fit?
  11. Interior Fan Failuire.

    Guys, For those of you that start to hear a ticking sound from somewhere under the glovebox in your Alteas, beware as it's about to fail and seize, mine failed on a very wet M25 last Friday night !!! :censored: Stopped to check it wasn't the fuse which it wasn't so had 80mile drive in...
  12. mfish

    Cupra Interior

    I have managed to upgrade the interior on my Leon and now have the old stuff lying around. I was wondering what this is worth. I have the interior along with the leather three spoke steering wheel, leather gearknob. It's all out of a Cupra TDi I will probably end up putting them on ebay, unless...
  13. Interior Chrome door handle

    hi does any one know the part number for the chrome door handles on a mk3 cupra, as one has started to peel and it looks abit ****. Or is there any proper metal ones u can replace them with off a another model vw/audi ect? ive tryed seaching but i can find anything
  14. MomoMK2

    Help with part no. for Cupra interior installation (m0rk?)

    Hi. i only addressed m0rk in title because with a search i found a year-old thread from someone with the same problem and m0rk helped them out.. just managed to snap up a full cupra interior (half leathers/red tiger stripe pattern to be exact) for my 1.4 and thats the problem... my 1.4...
  15. Gib83

    What's the best interior cleaner??

    What is the best interior cleaner for keeping your seats and carpets like new. I appreciate there will be signs of wear as the car gets older. I've currently got Meguiars interior cleaner but was wondering if anyone can suggest anything any better that keeps the seats looking clean and somewhat...
  16. nick-barnes07

    quick question about leather interior

    i just won a full leather interior of e bay , its electric and heated , will the electric and heated seats work in my cupra r or will it have to be wired in to work , as i have had some cars and the plugs are some times in there...
  17. Guinness

    Changing the Interior

    Right well after much pondering I am now going to change the interior of the beezer. Going to go for the cupra kind of look but go for seat sport seat covers instead of cupra seats (dont want to feel like Im making it out to be something its not). Anyway Iv got the part number for the seat...
  18. VW golf interior ligh in mk4 beeza FR

    ok so my dad turned up with his new 1.4GT supercharged golf yestoday after thrashing round in it for a while i noticed the interior light would look great in my emocion red FR it has two red LED's shining down to the gearknob area anyone know if this would fit in a mk4 beeza FR? and how much...
  19. Adam R

    how much for a cupra r interior?

    am tempted to buy a cupra r interior (seats and steering wheel) for £300 is that a bit much or should i go for it ?
  20. dainott2105

    Golf Interior mirror

    Hi all, ive had a search on here, but cant find any info on the auto dimming golf mk4 rear view mirror. My mirror decided to fall off last night and try to break my hand :censored: and i remember reading somewhere about the golf on that automatically dims when there are bright headlights behind...
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