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Which SEAT got you into the world of SEAT?


Alor Blue 290 Cupra
Jan 21, 2019
As the title says which SEAT was your first? (With pics please!)

I will begin 2013 1.4 N/A Ibiza TOCA

Mods included; 17” BBS diamond cut gloss black wheels
35mm APEX Springs
Wind deflectors (+50bhp)
100% rear window tints
Backbox delete with twin exit exhaust tips
HID bulbs
Pioneer DoubleDin headunit

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Jan 7, 2016
Well I had an S3 but due to becoming a dad I needed 5 doors so got a mk1 LCR. Loved them both, moved away for a bit then back with a mk2 Leon for tdi and on the current 280 cupra..

Fun times

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This place has cost me a fortune....
Oct 2, 2018
The one I have now... I’ve always liked them wanted a cupra r back in the day but could afford them.

This was our daily until we replaced it with a van and an Ateca... just can’t part with it.

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Nathan penney

Nathan P
Jul 8, 2017
No photos sorry ( stuck in an album) but Mine was a Leon 1.6s brand new in 2002. Wanted a Cupra but at 21 the insurance was a bit steep.
Then a Leon 1.6sx in 2003, then a Cupra diesel (150) in 2004 ( OY54RZA)
then in 2005 test drove a Cupra R but decided on a change and got an Octavia VRS mk2.
Still always loved the look of the Mk1’s and said to my missus I would get my Cupra R one day. After many cars coming and going over the years I bought my current one just over 2 years ago and this ones here to stay.
Had a tough decision to make a few weeks ago.
Owning 4 cars was becoming a bit of an expensive hobby (lol) especially with an extension looming on the house and 3 kids.
So I reluctantly said I was going to get rid of a car, no one expected me to choose to keep the Leon over the VRS that I’d owned from brand new for 13 years, but I did.
The Skoda was great but the LCR makes me smile more, to look at, to drive plus the fact it’s getting rare in standard form.
So my Seat story goes back a good 17 years with a 13 year break in between.


Alor Blue 290 Cupra
Jan 21, 2019
Sorry guys didn’t even see any replies here. Some awesome and unique cars there all with great taste. Thanks for the replies!


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Feb 8, 2017
Ayrshire, Scotland

2015 (MY16) FR 184 TDI with a manual gearbox. Loved driving it, great power and economy. I also prefer these alloys over my Cupra alloys.

Always liked the Leon, was going to buy a Mk2 Fr+ a few years before I bought my 1st MK3 (pictured) but I bought a house instead


2 SEAT-er
Jun 26, 2014
They had no real UK profile until the BTCC Toledo team in about 2004? That caught my interest, but I've only actually bought SEATs when really aggressively discounted by dealers.


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Nov 7, 2018
Mk2 leon fr tfsi, I was originally looking for a mk5 Golf GTI but though I would give the cheaper leon a look at.

Would probably pay the extra for a vw/audi next time.

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Jan 18, 2019
Sugartown Belgium
No pics, but started out in a 1st generation Leon, 1.9 TDI with extra power I think, metallic silver grey, lease car. Then a black 1.9 TDI 2nd generation Leon, lease again. Had no choice in the matter, you had to drive what was available on the parking.
Then bought a 1.9TDI silver Leon, silver grey, as a showroom model right at the time of the introduction of 1.6TDI for my wife. Switched after 5 years to a 2.0 TDI Leon ST FR, nice dark blue with black leather interior and 18" alloys. We sold that one last year and got the Cupra Ateca :)


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Sep 6, 2016
Late start for me. OH had a Seat Ibiza as first car but I didn't get hooked until 9 years ago. Had a MK1 Leon S 1.6 which was a run around alongside our family Passat V5 2.3. I loved the Leon so much, & it was reliable. We ditched the big ass car & then got the current MK1 Cupra 20VT. I'm hoping that the MK1 Cupra R will join the list before too long, the family just isn't complete!


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Mar 1, 2010
The First Seat I owned was a White Mk3 Ibiza Cupra. This was a blast to drive but for some stupid reason I decided to replace it with a BMW 323

Next was a Mk2 Leon Cupra “the money pit”. It started out as a complete stock 1 owner car and now it’s a 426bhp fast road/ track spec.

Finally a Mk3 Leon Cupra 290, this is my daily car so it’s going to say fairly stock in comparison to the Mk2!!! It has a few mods Racingline intake, Racingline lowering springs, 2Forge wheels and an Rtech stage 1 map.

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