Windscreen washer fuse. Anyone?!

Feb 23, 2021
Hi All,

A really weird one, here goes: Front windscreen washer fluid pump stops working. No noise, not even trying to work so assume it's the fuse.Wipers work so the stick )I assume) is ok. I have obtained a fuse layout list for the cabin fuse box and neither front or rear washer pumps (are they the same unit?) are listed on there. Does anyone have the engine bay fusebox layout OR can you tell me which fuse I'm looking for? it seems like some kind of forbidden knowledge with this car! I have visually inspected A LOT of them and haven't found a blown one but it is possible I haven't checked them all.
To add some additional confusion, the rear washer does work but only when the car has the ignition on part-way and the car isn't started. What?! Any advice appreciated. Definitely feels electrical.

Cheers in advance


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Sep 17, 2010
Sounds like fuse but worth checking if the pump has power or can be primed to work, as you say could be wiring also. Can't remember if you can get to the fluid bottle with out removing stuff as been a while since owning an Alhambra.
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