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Yet another gearbox Question....Help!


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Dec 2, 2009
Ok, noted. I've always had success with the lump on floor method, admittedly sometimes with the aid of a useful lump of wood or similar strategically positioned to make the engine sit flatter. I usually crane the engine, release it from it's mounts, lower it to the floor and then slide it out from underneath. My SC10 was used very very heavily in my 205git days!

The only times I've tried seperating box in car, I've hated it. Personal tastes, I guess.

Note to OP: If it isn't already obvious, if removing the box with the engine still in the car, the person supporting the box is doing it FROM THE TOP (unless they're a power lifter with no fear of dying from crushed ribs, face etc). It can be a proper pain in the back if it takes too long to get everything clear. The 'input shaft' mentioned above is a few inches of grooved steel that lives inside the bellhousing on the end of the gearbox proper, you won't be able to see it until you've got the two properly clear of each other. It slides into the side of the engine and allows the crank to pass power to the gearbox. Letting the gearbox hang off the side of the engine with the input shaft still partially engaged is a really bad idea!!! It's not meant to take loads in that direction! It's one of those things you *may* get away with or may ruin the box with.

While a bit OT, driving home I remembered that Pug driveshafts have bolts with funny plastic oval heads that engage over flats on the inboard driveshaft, and once they're clear the shafts (officially) just ease out, although sometimes need persuasion. So I was wrong about them too. Definitely clout the XR2 shafts out though! :)

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Hey, thanks for this guys!

I had intended fully on getting my hands dirty as I enjoy getting stuck in,
however a scrapper decided to call me back this morning saying he had one on the floor out of a '97 Polo. Drove 30 miles to find it was an O85 box and in fairly good nick. For 85 quid I was a happy chappie! Plus the driveshafts were still attached and he couldn't be bothered to remove them, so I gained a set of those at no extra cost.

But for all your help guys, i'm grateful as anything. Without this site, my baby beeza would have surely gone to the scrappers as I would have had no idea about VAG boxes being the same across the board and am I hell paying 500 quid for a new box!

So once again.... Thankyou! :cheers:

Should be back on the road in no time! :drive1:

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Play in release bearings?

Fitting a new clutch and the release bearings seem to have too much play on the small hollowed shaft they sit on. I've been told this isn't right, and decided to check at local parts shop. tried several other (branded) clutches and they all seem to rattle around slightly. The difference is probably only 1mm diameter so doesn't fit snugly. the shaft is worn slightly on one side, but i'm sure this is to do with the forks that move the bearings, coming from this side. Anybody have any advice?:blink:

Thanks in advance :)

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Nyargh. Another Clutch/Gearbox question!

Ok, i've had a new gearbox and clutch fitted.
Gearbox came from a scrapyard and allegedly a '98 1.4 ibiza.

Mine is a '98 1.4 ibiza 8v APQ/DCJ, however after fitting a new clutch we have found the release bearings don't sit on the shaft tightly enough. And now its making more noise than when the gearbox/clutch was knackered!

Previous comments on one of my threads suggested i get a clutch to fit the gearbox, but how do i know what clutch i need? I have had so much hassle trying to get this baby back on the road. Trying to be clever I asked the mechanics technician at college to save some dosh, only he was so laid back it took forever to get anything done AND he didn't know what he was talking about!

First he diagnosed a new clutch, took 2 months to fit it, then tells me its the gearbox, another 2 weeks for me to source that and get him to fit it, then he says this new clutch is faulty 'cos the diaphragm is bent so I need to replace it. I replace it again and this time he says the release bearings aren't fitting properly. Now it sounds like i'm dragging an exhaust along the tarmac.

Can somebody shed some light as to how I could rectify this problem? I've decided to buy a haynes and do it myself.

Thankyou! :cry:


i went jap.. :O
Jan 18, 2009
I Replaced my Gearbox and Clutch about 3 weeks ago.

I Just ordered a clutch from a local part shop. didnt go stealers.
did they top the gearbox up with oil when they fitted the one u got from scrapyard.

Mines also a APQ.

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I bought the clutch NEW from euro car parts, it was the right one for my ibiza, as i ordered two and BOTH sets of release bearings were slightly too big. Even took the small shaft that the bearings sit on to my nearest parts place, compared it to MORE clutches for my model and they were all the same! I don't get it. Yes We put new oil in.

Don't buy from euro car parts, they supplied the clutch with (manufacturers fault) dodgy diaphragm (the finger bits arranged in a circle) and they being pr1cks about taking it back.


Dec 13, 2004
NN Yorks / Salento
When fitting a gearbox that wasn't original spec for your car, you need to do some detective work to find out what engine the gearbox was originally mated to. Then - get a clutch/flywheel to suit that particular engine.

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When fitting a gearbox that wasn't original spec for your car, you need to do some detective work to find out what engine the gearbox was originally mated to. Then - get a clutch/flywheel to suit that particular engine.

Thats what I thought might be the case, only my detective skills aren't all that. How do I trace the gearbox back to its original engine/model? Would the part numbers and dealership be able to cross reference?
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