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yet more problems, all at same time!


pedal box mounting has snapped, clutch cable is starting to go, clutch is slipping (unsure if its just cos of the cable) engine has just started tapping on tick over even when warm, both electric mirrors arent working, offside rear wheel locked up when i had to slam brakes on to avoid :censored: taxi, strong smell of burning oil coming from engine bay but no visible leaks. and all this happened today!! :cry:

i dunno what to do with it!! [:@]


if i did insurance job id by paying 500 quid young driver excess plus 400 compulsory excess :( and i would only ever have another one in kiwi but can only find one and it wud cost more than reparing this one to mint.

i was really considering breaking it last night, but this morning, drove to work and it was too much fun! already spent ~300 on alarm, headlight, indicator, doors.

something is keeping me going on this project. must be the fun of driving it.

also the clutch seems perfect this morning, apart from being a little tricky putting it in second gear but thats only happened once so far.
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burning oil is coming from breather pipe (corroded - 15 quid new)
rear discs and pads - 40 quid
front pads - 20 quid
clutch cable (for when it goes, cos we all know it will!!) 20 quid
dipstick - 5 quid
total - nice round 100 :)

that would make it perfectly drivable

to make it back to mint:
front grill - 20 quid
front bumper - 40 to 50 (either mk2 or mk3)
wings - 40 quid each
bonnet - upto 100 (mk2 about tenner :D )
slam panel - 70 - 100 quid
rear arches repaired - 160 quid
total - upto 470 (excluding painting bonnet. wings and bumper)


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Aug 22, 2007
best thing to do is put up with it until I'm ready to sell you mine. Had my Kiwi Cupra since new, spent loads on it to keep it running nice. Trouble is, I'm nowhere near ready to sell it, no matter what the missus says....

old 'uns

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Mar 20, 2003
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i would leave my chap before i sold my car :D i was gutted when i sold my 1.8 16v but it was for this baby
i can't leave my OH, the 'shed' is technically hers!
i'll be leaving a small parcel one day soon, sorry forgot to say 't'other night ;) set in Red, set in White & you can decide which then
Aug 22, 2008
omg i cant beleave u called it a shed :blink:
lol yea it is hers :)
and now you have got me wondering :)
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ive just been playing with my dipstick ;) got new orange bit that holds it in, fixed that breather pipe with silicon, bought new pads, gettin rear discs and pads ordered in tomorrow. does 45 for rear discs and pads sound right?


im trying to find some nice 15's/16s. need wider wheels to get it round corners better :)
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