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IL Cattivo asked:

"Hi guys,
Last night I was trying to remove the headrest from the front passenger seat. [MKIII Leon FR 65 plate] Pressed the button on the side of the unit which allows it to slide up, but it then just stops and I can't get it to actually free itself from the seat, like I've been able to do in all my other cars. It's like there's something inside the seat which prevents it from being removed? Unless I'm missing something here??
Anyone else found this?


Community answer:

This is the Seat instruction.

The head restraints can be removed with the front seats in position. The release button of the driver seat is located on outer right side in direction of travel. The release button of the front passenger seat is located on inner left side in direction of travel.

Removing – Move front seat as far forwards and down as possible and tilt backrest to approx. 45°. Press padding in area of head restraint guides downwards a little. – Push safety catch of each of the two head restraint guides towards the holding tube as far as it will go. Pull head restraint out of backrest.

Fitting - Installation is done in reverse order of removal operations
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